Thursday, March 23, 2006

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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Davis Helps Postal Workers

From the AP: Senate action was welcomed by Rep. Tom Davis, R-Va., who ushered the bill through the House. "Congress is not only helping move the Postal Service into the 21st Century, but we are addressing the structural, legal, and financial constraints that have brought the Postal Service toward a financial death spiral," said Davis, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. "The health of the Postal Service is important to the entire economy." More than 9 million American jobs, $900 billion in commerce and 9 percent of the gross domestic product depend upon mail and package delivery.

Worth $25

Well-I met my future wife at CPAC today. Her name=Michelle Malkin. I even snagged a picture with her, and was very impressed by how she conducted herself in person. -well worth the 25 bucks As Senator Frist walked around the event, he was continuously asked about a run for President..and his response was something to the degree of "I kept my promise and just served two Senate terms. I want to go home and spend time with my family. If duty calls me back, I will serve." Judge Janis Law was very interesting to speak to. She lives in DeLay's district in Texas, and presided over a case regarding sodomy which eventually went to the Supreme Court. She explained in more detail some of the politics behind this years gubernatorial race in Texas, in which Governor Rick Perry will take on a Democrat, independent(Kinky Friedman), and independent Republican who is related to Scott Mcclellan. It seems the independent Republican Carole Strayhorne is no Russ Potts..and has a big base following. She is likely to swing the election one way. Judge Law also spoke very highly of Baylor University and its "prestigious" status within Texas, and the South. If it is not snowing too bad tomorrow , I will go in for the tail-end of the day just to see Newt Gingrich.

Continuing Ridiculousness

House gets rid of W&M visitor Former Delegate Dillard, appointed by Warner, had long-standing college ties BY PAMELA STALLSMITH TIMES-DISPATCH STAFF WRITER Friday, February 10, 2006 H. MORGAN GRIFFITH House Majority Leader, R-Salem DEL. BRIAN J. MORANHouse Democratic Caucus Chairman, Alexandria House Republicans turned on one of their own yesterday, dumping former Del. James H. Dillard II of Fairfax from the board of visitors of the College of William and Mary. In a move that Democrats decried as mean-spirited, the GOP-controlled House voted 51-45 against confirming the appointment of Dillard to the college's board, to which he was appointed last summer by former Democratic Gov. Mark R. Warner. Dillard, a moderate Republican and past chairman of the House Education Committee, served in the House for 31 years and did not seek re-election last year. He was among the leaders of the 17 House GOP mavericks in 2004 who broke from their party's anti-tax leadership to support Warner's $1.4 billion tax package. House Republican leaders said the action against Dillard was not retribution for the 2004 vote but resulted from a political "betrayal" and an apparent "quid pro quo" with the former governor for actively backing a Democratic candidate last year. "My feeling was there was a quid pro quo between the governor and Jim that if you will support the Democratic candidate -- and he was very aggressive in supporting the Democratic candidate to replace him -- if you will support the Democratic candidate I'll give you this plum position," House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem, said after yesterday's floor session. "We didn't want to be a participant in that exchange of what I would consider 'blood money.'" Griffith said Dillard supported two former aides -- Democrat David W. Mardsen, who won Dillard's old seat in last November's election, and C.R. Clemmons, who waged an unsuccessful primary challenge against Del. Frank D. Hargrove Sr., R-Hanover. "I like Jim. It wasn't an easy decision," Griffith said. "The bottom line is you can't reward folks for being traitors." Warner spokeswoman Ellen Qualls said the former governor was disappointed with the House's action and disputed the suggestion that the two had reached an agreement that lead to the appointment. "Delegate Dillard is a well-regarded leader on education issues with decades of service and expertise," she said. "He wanted to continue in public service and his own colleagues said no." Serving on the William and Mary board is considered one of the premier gubernatorial appointments. Dillard's ties to the nation's second-oldest college run deep -- one of his grandfathers served as rector, and he is a graduate. Dillard, who was unavailable for comment, was at a meeting of the university board when the House took its action. Rector Susan Magill called Dillard's service invaluable and news of the House action "extremely distressing," college spokesman William T. Walker said. He said the college would find other ways for Dillard to serve his alma mater. Dillard's appointment unanimously cleared the Senate last month and survived an attempt earlier this week by the House Privileges and Elections Committee to purge his name from the list of appointees. The four other Warner nominees, including Barbara Ukrop of Richmond and Michael K. Powell, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission and the son of retired Gen. Colin Powell, were confirmed. "It's fairly mean-spirited when you consider he was one of their own," House Democratic Caucus Chairman Del. Brian J. Moran of Alexandria said. "He would have been an excellent addition to the board." Such an action is rare. Four years ago, the Senate Republican leadership led an effort that resulted in removing 17 appointees of former Republican Gov. Jim Gilmore. In yesterday's vote on Dillard, five Republicans -- three from his home turf of Northern Virginia and two longtime colleagues -- and one independent, Katherine Waddell of Richmond, joined 39 Democrats in supporting his appointment. Some House insiders suggested the action was intended to send a message to potential Republican renegades who might break with the leadership this year to support Democratic Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's transportation funding plan. Griffith denied that claim. Kaine spokesman Kevin Hall said state law specifies that a person who is rejected by the legislature for a particular board seat is not ever eligible for appointment to that same board. "We will move as quickly as we can to put forth an individual to fill the vacant seat," he said. Times-Dispatch staff writer Andrew Petkofsky contributed to this report. -This is ridiculous. I commend Delegates Rust and May for simply not going along with the fray.

Friday, February 10, 2006

More on CPAC To come

Talked with Senator Frist , and Ann Coulter... wonderful event so far... More to come later... For now I am going out to see Firewall with some friends.

What he does when he's not in the unemployment line

Mark Warner is in NH right now, gearing up for his '08 race. But since running for president isn't considered an actual job, he's describing himself as "unemployed" and a former state employee. Clever lines. I wonder who came up with them, because he sure as heck didn't. Interesting that he's using the "competence" line. That worked soooo well for Mike Dukakis....

CPAC Continued

Just met Phyllis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum. In the main auditorium, a conversation is going on to which I don't agree. While I support traditional marriage, and am against homosexual marriage...I did not support the speech of State Senator Mooney from Frederick, Maryland. He spoke about former Governor Paris Glendening, and pulled a John Kerry by stating "Glendenings brother-who died of aids from his homosexual life style" brought in unneccessary attacks. A "former" homosexual also spoke about how he came out of "that lifestyle" I also to not agree with much of the hate crime legislation out there, but State Senator Mooney said that putting homosexuals in the legislation "legitimized" their lifestyle. He also told the audience that he believed eventually laws would be passed that would "prevent preachers at the pulpit from disgareeing with homosexuality" Come on here guys... While traditional marriage is supported by a majority of Americans, this spewingof unnecessary comments is disturbing. Mooney also stated that it upset him that some people say homosexuals are "in love". I personally don't believe it is my business to tell people who they can be with...but this is just my opinion. Gay adoption gets into the lives of others, so I disagree with it..but gay marriage continues to get brought up,and I believe will eventually hurt our party in the years to come.

Jim Parmelee Not "Quite" So Sharp Today

I just ran into NOVA Goper Jim Parmelee again. Jenny Kunkle, an Iowa TAR pointed out to him that his belt and shoes were mismatched in color. His belt is"dark brown"(as he is looking over my shoulder telling me what to say to make himself seem properly dressed) and his shoes are black. He is also wearing a tie from the 50's. Jim wants me to quote Jenny's opinion on his outfit which was that it looked "Fine" and that the she "liked his shoes" He has edited this post for accuracy.


Good stuff going on here during day 2 of CPAC. Met with Steve Sisson again for a little..his book selling is going great. Was able to talk with Minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist-he is serious about this border issue. Great stuff going on. I also ran into Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio who was walking around with his Public Advocate crew. Brownback, and Coulter are about to speak. More to come later

CPAC Day Two

I am heading into CPAC now to be sure to make a speech by Senator Brownback. Look for a couple posts from the bloggers booth again in a few hours.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

TC Exclusive with Challenger of Van Hollen

The citizens of Maryland's 8th Congressional have a choice this year. A choice not to re-elect liberal Chris Van Hollen(who sits on Davis' Government Reform Committee), and instead elect a sensible conservative in Dan Zubairi. I have known Dan for a while, and know him to be a man of principle, who understands what Republicans need to do to get elected in the suburbs of Washington D.C. I want to thank him for taking the time to write a post exclusively for Too Conservative, and urge anyone who has some spare time to volunteer for his campaign(donations work to) His thoughts: As we move into an election cycle, which perhaps will be the most turbulent and polarized election in modern history, we must focus on Issues That Matter. We must put the partisan and right-wing rhetoric aside to re-invigorate the base with issues that concern their daily lives and will not disenfranchise the moderate voter. While we can stand strongly by the ideals of our party, we must emphasize the traditional issues our party built its loyalty upon. Low Taxes, Giving Government Back to the People, Promoting Small Business while emphasizing the economic importance of large corporations. Standing by our fellow citizens with regards to local issues which directly impact the quality of life for their families.Gone are the days of making abortion and war the key issue. We must stand back from our extremist views if we expect to maintain a majority which as a whole promotes morality and family values. But we must also understand in an ever changing community where we find ourselves in more liberal areas, we must make certain sacrifices on issues to stand for good in the long term.We know 2006 will be a tough year for Republicans. With the War, Katrina,and so many other issues as the weapons against our party, it is important to unite. Stand by your (R). Vote! Do not stay home! Do not criticize on issues upon which you disagree. Your Republican can only be so conservative to get elected or re-elected in their respective districts. Please take this value to heart when you vote. Daniel Zubairi, Candidate United States Congress Maryland 8th Great thoughts, from a strong defender of conservative principles. We need more Dan Zubairis in Northern Virginia.

Who Will Be "Laffey"ing in November? UPDATED

I wanted to elaborate on something I noticed on CPAC, and was reminded of when I saw this picture. Cranston Mayor "Steve" Laffey who is primarying incumbent Republican Lincoln Chafee in Rhode Island, had ALOT of support at CPAC. I just continue to be baffled by the craziness of these people. There is ZERO...let me restate that....There is ZERO chance that is Laffey beats Chafee he will be elected Senator from Rhode Island. I know you all want to say "He's a R.I.N.O Vincent" "He voted against Alito!"...well I tell you all this... The Progressive Punch online has given Senator Chafee a 42.92 progressive rating based on votes. If Chafee is not in office, we will have another Chuck Schumer liberal in the seat who received a 90.74 progressive rating. There is no other option but to support Senator Chafee(whom I have met, and like a great deal) over Laffey. I'd more rather have half a liberal, than an all-out socialist. Anyone who supports Laffey is illogical, and is a "R.I.N.O" in my book. So to the Laffey crowd I ask this: When Laffey loses in November..who will be "Laffey"ing then? UPDATE: The folks at "Save the GOP" have left this message in the comment section Stephen said... I'll take National Review over Too Conservative anyday.(BTW: This is why we call you a squish.)Hopefully no one deletes this, like the NRSC is fond of doing when someone criticizes Chafee supporters. Now TC Readers if you all looked at the National Review article it states:Even if Laffey were to win the primary but lose the general election, beating Chafee would send a helpful message to the kind of Republican who thinks Chafee's "independence" is something to admire and emulate. (Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe of Maine come to mind.) That message: that Republican voters will not be taken for granted just because they are in the minority in their state. Then there's the tantalizing possibility that Laffey might actually win both the primary and the general election. It's a chance worth taking. What do conservatives have to lose? The worst possible outcome is only that Rhode Islanders will trade a virtual Democrat for a real one. Listen guys-Chafee may not be a Tom DeLay, or Tom Tancredo...but he carries his state, and helps elect Republican leadership in the Senate. He is also not even above 50% in ANY progressive rating I have seen. So to call him a "virtual Democrat" is far from true. As far as me or this blog being a "squish" for actually wanting Republicans to stay in office, I consider people who want Chafee out the real squishes and R.I.N.O's because they are the ones who are destroying this party. There should be NO arguement here, as to support Laffey in a primary is to seal one's own doom. Again I give you evidence with a poll recently done by Brown University: The poll found Chafee almost evenly matched with Democratic Secretary of State Matt Brown. Chafee would take 38 percent of the vote if the election were held today, compared to 36 percent for Brown. The poll is based on a statewide sample of 785 registered voters and has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points. The Republican incumbent would fare better against former Attorney General Sheldon Whitehouse, the poll found. In that potential matchup, 40 percent of those polled picked Chafee, compared to 34 percent for the Democrat. and lets look at Laffey- But the poll showed Laffey weak against potential Democratic contenders. He scored only 24 percent against Brown's 47 percent, and 29 percent versus Whitehouse's 44 percent. Ouch.Ouch.Ouch. I do not support Senator Chafee on alot of issues, I am personally more of a Laffey guy, and would be no where close to a 45% on the progressive scale, but come people are simply NUTS to think it's better to have Chafee out than in. How many ways can I say it..? Nuts, Crazy, Psycho, Unrealistic, Illogical...all these words come to mind. It is the EXACT same premise we are continuing to deal with in Virginia, illogical Republicans stating it's better to have a Republican out of office than in office. Sorry to tell the fine folks from "Save The GOP" but the title of their blog is a hypocricy, and that their way of "saving" does nothing but kill our party nationally.

Is This The Writings of a "Squish"?

This was my letter to my school newspaper which will be published tomorrow. To the Purple Tide- I am writing to express my frustration with your newspaper. I have felt that the past few issues of the paper have been biased, and to me the paper has lost all credibility. In the December issue of the Purple Tide, you all ran an article on the persecution of Muslim students at Chantilly. Well to me, you all turned right around in that paper, and spat on all the Christian students at Chantilly. I did not see one mention of Christmas in the paper, nor Christmas mentioned on the calendar. As the majority of Chantilly students are Christian, I would have imagined you would at least discussed the holiday. In the most recent issue, I was appalled at the article by Hayley Stewart titled “The Pledge of Allegiance”. First off your paper is given out to a mass of public school students. Public schools are paid for by the government. Thus-without the country, they would not exist, and your liberal views could not be heard. The various quotes you have from students “refusing to stand for the pledge” simply express to me those students dislike of their country. Millions of Americans have died defending that flag, the flag of freedom, and for your paper to give those disrespectful students the time of day is upsetting. You quote students who say “more people would be willing to show their patriotism to the county if they just that stupid phrase”(under god). What kind of tolerance is your paper showing now? That “stupid phrase” is respected and revered by an overwhelming majority of Americans. America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, and by quoting such derogatory comments, you all are making a direct assault on God. These students pretend to me “open-minded” , well calling my faith in God a “stupid phrase” is very, very close minded. I hope as the quoted students, and The Purple Tide staff grows older, you will grow out of your rebellious phase, and come to realize the significance of the flag and the pledge of allegiance. My family fought and died during World War II defending that flag, and anyone in this nation who does not wish to stand and appreciate it, has problems in my book. Your paper has lost all credibility as an unbiased organization, and I hope in the future you all will stop pushing your rebellious agenda on the entire student population, and talk about stories a majority of people wish to hear. ..and next year, put Christmas on the calendar. Sincerely, Vincent Thoms Chantilly SAC Representative Chantilly Republican President

Craddocks Try To Out-Populate "Moderate" GOPers

Word has come to me from deep inside the Chris Craddock household that Katherine & Chris Craddock are having a baby boy. Word has also come to me, that Chris and Katherine plan to keep having children until they can out-populate that Michael Frey wing of the Sully GOP, and seize control of the party. I am 100% sure in the accuracy of the first rumor, but the second has not been confirmed.When it is confirmed, I will be sure to relay the confirmation. Lets all congratulate Chris and Katherine. Now the big question is-What will they name their child..... The best name choice WINS! But remember to be civil here guys..all uncivil names will be deleted.

Ben's "Fabulous 51"

So Jim Dillard endorsed Dave Marsden... What does this have to do with him sitting on the William and Mary board? Tsk , Tsk House Republicans.

CPAC Day 1

Day one of CPAC went very well. Towards the end I was able to meet Tony Blankley, and speak more to Congressman Hayworth. Old Virginia Senate candidate Oliver North was also there making a speech and selling books. While Congressman Tancredo got the crowd the most excited, the best speaker by far was Congressman Sam Johnson-a veteran who spoke about the war in Iraq. Two other VA bloggers were present: Stephen Braunlich, who called TC the "moderate" blog, and blogs on Save The GOP. and Spank the Donkey from Staunton. I also saw our RPV Chairwoman Kate Obenshain Griffin, who was signing calendars at the Claire Booth Luce Policy Institute Botth. Tomorrow is more packed than today with Senator Brownback, Ann Coulter, Senator Frist, Ken Mehlman and others. a book from Steve Sisson, and meet Jim Parmelee...who I am told will be wearing something from LL Bean tomorrow.

Gilmore Weighs in on Taxes

Americans for Freedom and Opportunity A Special Message from Governor Jim Gilmore to Virginia Taxpayers “The right way to solve Virginia’s transportation problems is to adopt a plan of specific road projects and exhaust all possible options for funding that plan without increasing taxes on hard working Virginia families. You and I must act now to deliver this message to members of the General Assembly. Please call you legislator, write Governor Kaine and General Assembly members a letter, and come to Richmond on February 22nd to join me and other taxpayers at a Capitol Rally on February 22nd. You may get all the information you need relating to the tax hikes and what you can do to stop them at Do not believe this battle is won because our friends in the House of Delegates have already had votes against the tax hike package. Just like two years ago, the Governor and the Senate will use every legislative trick they can to pass these taxes during the 2006 Session. Please act today!” Taxes for a typical Virginia Family (median income, homeowner, owns 2.1 cars) Governor Gilmore continues to stay outfront on issues..

Parmelee is Sharp Dressed

Wearing a gold tie, and sharp blue suit, Jim Parmelee was on checking his e-mail next to me when I recognized him. He has this to say to the readers of TC:"CPAC has alot of great speakers this year, it is not to late to come on down, and be a part of the growing conservative movement." So if you want to come and see Jim Parmelee in his sharp, sharp, sharp suit, come on down to the Omni Shore Hotel. Take that Ben.

Recut Movie Trailers

The other day, I posted a link to the recut movie trailer "Brokeback to the Future". It seems that recut movie trailers have been popping up in many places. Among the best: The Shining -- Steven King's horror film transformed into a touching family saga Titanic -- Now a horror film

Liddy and Hayworth

Pretty cool moment a minute ago-I got to meet Gordon Liddy from the Nixon administration. Awesome guy. Congressman J.D. Hayworth was also around , and I was able to speak to him for a little, and get him to personalize a copy of his new book "Whatever It Takes".

Gilmore:"We'll See"

Live blogging again from CPAC. Senator John Cornyn is speaking on illegal immigration. I ran into Governor Gilmore, who told me he "occasionally" reads Virginia political blogs. When I asked him if his announcement for Senate would come shortly, he said "We'll See". -Good political answer. Governor Gilmore is always very approachable, and always easy to talk to. His panel on immigration, and the war on terror was very well thought out. While I don't agree with him on fiscal issues, I do believe he is a principled man.

Webb to file candidacy papers today; Cindy Sheehan, Michael Moore endorsement watch begins

As we reported the other day, Fmr. Navy Sec. in the Reagan Admin., James Webb, who endorsed George Allen in 2000, will file papers today to run for that senate seat himself this year. Given Webb's anti-war focus in the campaign, we unveil a new feature here on TC today -- The Cindy Sheehan / Michael Moore Endorsement Watch. Today is Day 1 of the watch, corresponding with Webb's actual filing of papers (even though he won't make an official announcement until sometime next week.) How long will it take for Sheehan, Moore and the rest of the lunatic left / Democratic Underground crowd to come out of the woodwork in support of his campaign? Make your best guesses here in our comments section. The person coming closest wins the First Annual George Newman Award and the prize that goes along with it -- two tickets for admission at any time to Disney's America historical theme park in Haymarket, VA!

Bush details foiled 9/11-style attack planned for 2002

For the first time, President Bush has gone into detail regarding one of the terrorist attacks foiled since 9/11. Following is a summary of the 2002 plot:

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11 attacks who was captured in 2003, had already begun planning the West Coast operation in October, just after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. One of Mohammed's key planners was Hambali, the alleged operations chief of the al-Qaida related terrorist group Jemaah Islamiyah. Instead of recruiting Arab hijackers, Hambali found Southeast Asian men who would be less likely to arouse suspicion and who were sent to meet with Osama bin Laden, Bush said. Under the plot, the hijackers were to use shoe bombs to blow open the cockpit door of a commercial jetliner, take control of the plane and crash it into the Library Tower in Los Angeles, since renamed the US Bank Tower, Bush said. The president said the plot was derailed when a Southeast Asian nation arrested a key al-Qaida operative.
Another plan that was busted up was to use hijacked planes to attack the East Coast in mid-2003. The world is still a very dangerous place despite no attacks on U.S. soil having been carried out since 2001.

PWC Supervisors side with market forces over bureaucrats

A special thank you to PWC's Board of County Supervisors for allowing the free market and public demand decide the composition of Potomac Center instead of a stale bureaucracy. The demand is there at this location for high-end retail. There is no immediate demand for more office space at this site, yet that is what the bureaucrats were pushing. The supervisors and developer struck a measured balance on the office space issue while also satisfying market demand. Finally, PWC residents won't have to travel out of the county for high-end retail and restaurants. Here comes Macy's and Wegman's....

Tancredo Says "God Bless Denmark"

Blogging from CPAC at the bloggers corner of the booth. I already wrote a great post, but because of this not-so-nice computer, it got deleted, so this will be abridged. George Will was up first, and spoke how he was "a conservative without a pre-fix" Gilmore got up, and dropped numerous hints about a future run...more to come on that later. He also spoke about how he cut taxes, and "basically phased out property taxes" Tancredo then spoke to a roaring crowd on the failures of the Bush administration on immigration. He then stated "oh and by the way...God Bless Denmark". -great guy, the highlight so far. I ran into the Blue Dog, and bought his book. Everyone should do the same, it looks great. The first 100+ pages rip on Governor Warner, and the last page has a picture of himself with's classic. More to come later in the day. Rep.Hayworth and Senator Cornyn are about to speak.

Virginia Taxes Up 55-percent in 10 Years

Virginia's taxes soared 55-percent between 1994 and 2004 according to the latest census data. Meanwhile, Maryland's tax burden shot up by 46-percent in the same time frame. Virginia's 2004 per capita tax amounted to $1,903, while Maryland's was $2,214. Keep this up and Chichester will get his wish of Virginia being in the same range as Maryland for taxes. This is perhaps the most laughable response from the Kaine administration on this:

A member of Gov. Timothy M. Kaine's Cabinet said the census study is misleading. Secretary of Finance Jody M. Wagner said the numbers do not take into account that much of the state's income tax is used for local funding or the state's car-tax rebate.
Hello? If this person is Secretary of Finance, she either thinks that the public are a bunch of morons or she is a moron herself. The census data was the "average per capita tax." Therefore, the 70-percent car-tax relief is already taken into account in the average and lowers it, not raises it. The average per capita tax rate is calculated not by looking solely at the state income tax, but also at various fees, sales taxes, property taxes, etc. If it weren't for the car-tax rebate, Virginia's per capita tax would be higher, further closing the gap with Maryland. Virginia currently ranks 31st in the nation in rate of taxation while Maryland is 15th. We better get Chichester et al. packing before they put us into the top half (if not quarter) of high-tax states. If he loves Maryland's tax rates so much, instead of trying to remake Virginia into a Maryland clone, perhaps he should just move across the river and enjoy the real thing.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

A harbinger of doom for us all?

Surely this must be a sign of the pending Apocalypse.

AG McDonnell Chats Up The Blogosphere

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative hosted AG Bob McDonnell for a live Q&A blogging event. Once again, McDonnell impresses. Yours truly got a question answered during the exchange:

[Riley] Do you have any plans to use the AG’s office to help Commonwealth’s Attorneys and local law enforcement better understand Virginia’s RICO statute that you authored in ‘04 that brings street gangs under RICO? It seems that this is a valuable tool for prosecutors and law enforcement that just isn’t being used in Northern Virginia where the gang problem, in particular MS-13, is growing rapidly. In many instances, law enforcement may know that someone is a member of a street gang, but they don’t know that they can arrest and charge them under RICO just for being a member. We need a modern-day Eliot Ness-type crackdown up here. Leadership from our new AG would go long ways towards seeing that happen. (Bob) The RICO statute provides a broad new tool for prosecutors to combat gangs. We will provide a seminar at an upcoming Commonwealth Attorney’s training conference to discuss effective use of this new statute.
I'm glad to see the AG doing what he can to help our local prosecutors use this relatively new tool at their disposal.

The 33rd in '07

Word is already flying around up here regarding who the Republican nominee will be in 2007 to run against just elected Democrat Mark Herring. Here are my top choices for the seat in order: 1)Randy Minchew-A proven Republican leader. He has helped to hold the party together in Loudoun, while also maintaining activity in the community. His sensible conservative record fits the 33rd perfectly. 2)Chris Craddock-Before you all go nuts on me hear me out. Congressman Davis always says that someone who is active in their community is the best type of candidate to run, and I find these to be great words of wisdom. For all of you who don't know Chris, he is is very very active in his community. He continues to mentor troubled teenagers through his church, and outside of church. He is involved at local high schools through a Christian organization called Young Life, and is still an assistant soccer coach at Chantilly High School. Even though our local media spun a lot against him, Chris' tenacity continues to impress me. He is absolutely loved by the base, and just needs to break out into the mainstream by remaining quiet for a few years. 3)Supervisor Steve Snow- Snow has an impressive resume including 25 years with the U.S. Army. He is keen on transportation, and is loved by his constituents. While his record on the BOS is not "far-right" he is tied in the minds of voters to the more "conservative" Republican group in NOVA. Any way you cut it, we are going to have an uphill battle to fight up here in the 33rd. As people begin positioning themselves now, lets remember that we need to all get behind a candidate who can WIN the election.

Frank Wolf Gets an Opponent UPDATED

From Roll Call magazine: Georgetown University Public Policy Institute Dean Judy Feder (D) is running against Wolf in November. While party campaign operatives are excited about her candidacy, it remains to be seen if the first-time candidate can raise the significant resources needed to compete in the area’s cost-prohibitive media market. Feder is close to former Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), and she has already begun assembling a campaign team that includes former Daschle operatives as well as consultants involved in the 2005 victory of now-Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine (D). UPDATE: A Commenter left us with this: Judy's Website and The DNCC on her I don't mean this in a harsh way-but after checking out her website, I would say Congressman Wolf has this race locked up. She does not seem like she will be able to relate in ANY WAY with folks in Loudoun and the Winchester area. She looks like the stereotypical ultra-left nutty professor. Agreed?


As I mentioned earlier, it will be a long three days for me beginning tomorrow. I will venture into D.C. around 7 every morning and return around 7 every night for CPAC. The agenda for the conference is here. tomorrow the main speakers are David Keene, Tom Tancredo, John Cornyn, Tony Blankley, Rick Santorum, Dick Armey, and Elaine Chao. Depending on how boring it is, I might leave early. I was debating whether to bring a computer and live blog, but wireless is only available in the rooms and lobby-not the meeting rooms. Look for a daily summary. For anyone else who will be attending, shoot me an e-mail .

Connaughton Calls On VA Legislature

From the Examiner: "The people who are buying what are $600,000 to $700,000 homes are already complaining to us about school overcrowding and road problems that we predicted would happen," said Connaughton, who wants to see state legislation that puts a time limit on rezoning approvals so projects cannot remain dormant for decades. Good idea Chairman-Will anyone act in Richmond?


Walking past the Office of the Majority Leader in the Capitol, I noticed a new addition to the door. Mr.Blunt never had one, but here is the new wooden carving:

A Pleasant Surprise from Pres. Bush

It seems that buried within his phonebook thick budget submitted to Congress the other day there is a proposal for private Social Security accounts beginning in 2010. Finally, someone is taking some action here.

"Brokeback To The Future"

Truly funny.

Couldn't have happened to a nicer person

This is hysterical.

Pro and Anti-Webb Website Names

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative speculated that a "Raising Webb" web site would come into existence similar to the "Raising Kaine" one in support of James Webb's run for the Senate. I posted a few suggested names myself -- one pro and two anti. Pro-Webb: "Webb Slingers" (a little homage to Spiderman there) Anti-Webb: "Tangled Webb" and "Webb of Deceit" Post 'em if you got 'em!!! Let's hear your best Pro and Anti-Webb web site names (a little redundant there at the end.)

Minutemen Rally

I am heading into D.C. for a minutemen rally with Congressman Tom Tancredo, and founder Jim Gilchrist. It is one of the unofficial opening events for CPAC, which begins tomorrow. More on the event when I return.

Interesting Editorial

From the Loudoun Easterner: Tuesday, February 7, 2006 5:22 PM CST Martin Casey - Easterner Column Republicans taking stock - finally!The Republican Party has seen itself as the majority party here for at least the past decade. It may still be, but the last four months of election results has served as a wake-up call for party leaders.In November, Democrat Tim Kaine carried Loudoun County and Del. Dick Black was defeated by Democrat David Poisson. Democrat Chuck Caputo also took a former GOP seat in the 67th District, which includes South Riding. Then Democrat Mark Herring won the special election to succeed Republican Bill Mims in the Virginia Senate. Herring didn’t just win - he carried every precinct in the district for a victory of well more than 60 percent.The Republican party’s challenge is far more than Loudoun County. Party leaders are concerned about their comparative lack of success in many parts of Northern Virginia.So the party has formed a “Strike Force” -- a battle cry for a new study committee it is forming to research demographic, physical and political change in Northern Virginia and to formulate issue positions that will help the party to re-mold its image with voters. Congressman Tom Davis is among the leaders of the “Strike Force.” Loudoun is represented by county party Chairman Randy Minchew and Broad Run Supervisor Lori Waters.Minchew lost his own bid to be his party’s candidate for Mims’ seat, and then saw victor Mick Staton lose to Herring despite Minchew’s own strong endorsement of his party’s choice. His term as party chairman expires March 18 and after serving two full terms in the post, he can be expected to step aside. Meanwhile he is enthusiastic about the work of the Strike Force.What Republicans are recognizing are not only change in Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, but change within the party. The county GOP for example, as is common among parties that enjoy strong majorities for long periods of time, has fractured within itself with those who are most conservative turning on moderate members to wrest influence if not control. Minchew, whom many view as more moderate than Black or Staton, has done a masterful job during his two terms in holding together his party’s faithful of all persuasions. The voters however - most of whom think of themselves either as belonging to no political party or being only a nominal Republican or Democrat - appear, by their votes in November and here Jan. 31, to have decided that transportation is more important than political party and that the Democrats have offered much needed help, while the Republicans have been encouraging growth and spending too much time on conservative social issues that ought to be decided individuals and not by government.It is indeed refreshing to see the Grand Old Party looking to its future in a reasoned and serious way. The new “Strike Force” could do much to save the party from a potential downward spiral over the next decade. -I enjoy the optimism of the writer, but Mr.Casey seems to fail to understand how pointless the "strike force" is. Mr.Casey states that "Tom Davis is a leader on the strike force"... My understanding is Tom Davis, Frank Wolf,and Sean Connaughton were not formally asked to be members of the strike force. I also agree with the writer, that Chairman Minchew has done a great job holding the two factions together in Loudoun. Maybe when he's not GOP Chair, we can have the pleasure of seeing him run for office again!

Hotline calls it "Politispam"

National Journal's Hotline has coined a new term, "politispam". It seems as if Gov. Kaine used it quite effectively in his '05 race from the sound of it.

The Bolling Report - Feb. 7, 2006

The Bolling Report: THE TRUE TEST OF BIPARTISAN LEADERSHIP Will Virginia have bipolar government for the next four years? I was visiting with a school group at the Capitol this week and one young student asked me this question. She was concerned by the fact that we have a Democrat Governor and a Republican Lieutenant Governor. She did not believe that a Governor of one party and a Lieutenant Governor of another party could possibly work together. So, will Virginia have bipolar government for the next four years? I sure hope not. On election night, and on numerous occasions since then, I have made clear that I want Governor Kaine to succeed. If the Governor succeeds Virginia succeeds, and that should be a goal we all share. I have made clear that when Governor Kaine governs consistent with the principles and values Virginians believe in, and consistent with the promises of his campaign, I will stand with him in that effort. I reiterate that promise today. However, should the Governor depart from these principles, values and promises I will play the part of the loyal opposition. The people of Virginia should expect no less. After all, this is one of the important checks and balances that our system of government provides. It is clear that there will be issues that Governor Kaine and I agree on, and there will be issues that we disagree on. Two important issues on which we disagree have already surfaced during this year’s session of the General Assembly. First, I disagree with the Governor that we must raise taxes to address Virginia’s transportation needs. While I agree that we need to dedicate significant additional resources to the Transportation Trust Fund on an ongoing basis, I believe there is a “better way” to secure these resources than imposing higher taxes on working Virginians and their families. Second, I disagree with the Governor’s opposition to a Constitutional Amendment to ban same sex marriages in Virginia. The Senate and the House of Delegates have both approved this Amendment by overwhelming margins and I support it fully. It is my hope that the Governor will sign this legislation and allow the people of Virginia to vote on this important issue this November. I was also disappointed by the Governor’s comments last week when he gave the Democratic response to President Bush’s State of the Union Address. While the Governor talked a lot about promoting a spirit of bipartisan cooperation in America, he used the balance of his speech to launch a partisan attack on the President. It is one thing to talk about bipartisan cooperation - it is harder to actually demonstrate that important quality. Nonetheless, while the Governor and I disagree on these important issues, there are many issues on which we agree and there are many things that we can work on together for the good of Virginia. Last Thursday Governor Kaine and I held a joint press conference at the Capitol to announce a series of initiatives that we will work on together this year. In the areas of education, transportation, economic development, health care and much more, there are a number of issues on which the Governor and I agree. A summary of these initiatives is set forth below. Education * Support a budget amendment to begin the process of moving teacher pay to the national average and provide for regular professional evaluations of teachers to assure teacher competency. * Support the expansion of needs based financial aid and increases in Tuition Assistance Grants for students at our independent colleges and universities. Transportation * Support passage of a Constitutional Amendment to make certain that money intended for highway construction cannot be diverted to other government programs. * Support dedicating insurance premium taxes to the Transportation Trust Fund on an ongoing basis. * Support legislation to allow the transfer of development rights within a locality to protect the rights of property owners and encourage development near existing transportation, schools and public safety infrastructure. * Support legislation to make abusive drivers pay their share of road costs. * Support expanded use of the public/private transportation act to help pay for targeted road projects. Economic Development * Support putting into law the Economic Strike Force previously established by Executive order to help people in areas hit hard by job losses to get back on their feet and back to work. * Support creating the New College Institute in Martinsville. Health Care * Support legislation allowing small businesses to join together in order to obtain less expensive insurance for their employees. * Support developing a blueprint for developing an integrated, acute and long term care delivery system for elderly and disabled Medicaid recipients to help improve the quality of care and reduce Medicaid costs. Veterans * Support the Governor's budget amendment to provide operating funds to open the new Sitter-Barefoot Veterans Care Center. Property Taxes * Support legislation to require local governments to provide homeowners with additional information so they are aware of the impact of assessment increases and how to participate in the setting of tax rates by their local government. * Support legislation to enable local governments to provide a homestead exemption of up to 20% of the value of an owner occupied home from the real estate tax bill. While some may find it surprising that a Democrat Governor and Republican Lieutenant Governor can disagree on important issues like taxes and same sex marriage, and at the same time work together on a number of other important issues, it is important that we work together when we can. Most Virginians care little about political labels. They want leaders who will work together to improve the quality of their lives. We can do this by getting traffic moving again, providing the best possible educational opportunities for our children, keeping our neighborhoods safe from the threat of crime, making quality health care more available and affordable for more Virginians, and promoting responsible efforts to protect our important natural resources. I will continue to do my part to provide this kind of effective bipartisan leadership, while at the same time standing strong for the conservative principles and values I believe in. That is the true test of bipartisan leadership. Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling

Webb to challenge Miller to face Allen

James Webb, who in '94 endorsed Chuck Robb over Ollie North and in '00 endorsed George Allen over Chuck Robb has announced he will file papers this week to run as a Democrat for Allen's senate seat. Before he can take on Allen, though, he must first go up against Harris Miller for the Dem nod. With Miller laying claim to the image of a centrist, pro-business Dem in the mold of Mark Warner and Webb running as an anti-war candidate, it appears that VA Dems are headed for a showdown between the two wings of their party. So sit back and watch how it all unfolds. Who will win the primary? Who controls the grassroots of the VA Dems? Pro-business moderate Mark Warner wannabes or the anti-war, Howard Dean, faction? This primary will be telling....

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Republicans to Be Placed?

Over at NLS an interesting post is up regarding a possibility that the Republican Caucus plans to move certain '05 candidates into different districts for '07. If this plan is true, I believe it has many holes..but I do not disagree with it entirely. Certain candidates seem strong enough to run again in different districts, as Delegate Tim Hugo did up here years ago. For the most part though-seems like a bad idea.

Mason Conservative Understands

When I began reading Mason Conservative, I was a little skeptical. Here was just another Northern Virginia republican who disliked Reese and Dillard and wanted Ken Cuccinelli to be governor. With his latest post, it seems Mason Conservative has caught on. No Joke-it is one of the best and well thought out posts I have ever read on the state of our party. In his post, he explains why we as a party need Republicans like Reese and Dillard to maintain our majorities. He also goes out on a limb to state that Sean T. Connaughton should be RPV Chair(Watch out MC, Kate Griffin might give you a call!!). From his post: That is why we need Sean Connaughton as Chairman of the VA Republican Party. He holds no allegiances to the titans of the party (Warner, Allen, Gilmore, Cantor), he is as comfortable as a conservative as he is a moderate, comes from a great county that has it all--rural areas, congested roads, and true suburbia. He is young, and could bring some fresh life into the state. The problem is vocabulary. While getting stuck in the verbal jabs of "conservative" or "moderate," the real clevage is between "responsible," and "irresponsible." We need adults with vision who can lead by doing rather than just saying Great stuff Mason Conservative-Keep it Up.

These People Are Insane

These stories about the Muslims all upset about the cartoon is making me furious, so here's my ranting post. Check out this story on Fox News. Now these people are attacking NATO peacekeepers!Every day I continue to grow sicker and sicker of the entire region, and every crazy event that they do. If their religion is so "peaceful" what about 9/11, beheadings in Indonesia, call for the destruction of Israel, election of Hamas, bombings in London, bombings in Spain, buildings of WMD's,riots in France? This is more than just "extremists" at work here, and I continue to grow tired of hearing American journalists have been taken captive, or this American has been shot. They elect these crazy leaders to represent them knowing that the entire world will look down on them more than everyone already does. There is obviously a fundamental doctrinal problem with their religion as millions are involved in these deadly protests. What a peaceful religion, where thousands in the streets are now calling for the death of the Danish Prime Minister, as well as the cartoonist. They need to get over it. They don't live in Denmark, they live in fascist theocracies, and infact elect theocratic leaders. For these governments over there to be letting this happen is very upsetting. What kind of hypocrisy is it that George Bush is a murder to these people for taking out Saddam Hussein, but yet these people kill each other over a cartoon not even published in their country. TC's Angry Message To the Arabs:It's called freedom of speech you crazy people, so why don't you stop trying to fight Jews and Christians, and realize what you are missing.

Funeral for Coretta Scott King

I am not sure if anyone else has been watching the funeral, but per usual, the left has taken this opportunity to use the funeral as a venue for attacking the President. A Reverend wrote a poem for her Eulogy which spoke of the weapons of misinformation or something of that nature, and also of the uninsured and the rich getting richer. Jimmy Carter stood up and spoke about the wiretapping of the King family by the government. All of this was met with rounds of applause. All of this with the President right behind them. This demonstrates the inappropriateness and lack of respect with which the left in this country exudes no matter where they are. While we are having problems within our own state party today, I can at least feel blessed that when I die, I wont have people politiking at my funeral.

Scott Smith For Senate

A few weeks ago during the Republican primary for the 33rd nomination, a very unique candidate was overlooked by the voters. It has taken me a while, but I have been able to obtain Scott Smith's literature from his short-lived campaign for Senate. This is definitely worth a read.. This comes directly from the pamphlet: "Transportation- Rather than simply saying we need more roads, the real problem is we want to spend more time with our loved ones. That changes the whole perspective, and opens avenues to other possibilities. Why does someone from Ashburn travel to Germantown to work and somebody from Germantown travel to Ashburn? Why not open the door to see if there is a way to switch? A simplistic example for a complex problem, but this new way of thinking can open all sorts of creative solutions" This is all real folks-Scott Smith did run for the Republican nomination, and this was his pamphlet. I am also told he had a myspace, and used it as his campaign website. Our Republican choices in Northern Virginia just keep getter better and better...

New Look

After getting enough complaints on the font size, and color of the last template..I have moved to this one. I hope it's easier to read.

Meanwhile, the Senate GOP continues to have the spine of a jellyfish

Unbelievable. We're a supposed majority in the state senate and we give away control of two committees to the minority party?

House GOP Blocks Kaine's Tax Hike

Looks like there might be some backbone in the House of Delegates once again.

Monday, February 06, 2006

How Can Republicans Win in NOVA?

Shortly I will be starting a series called:"How Can Republicans Win in NOVA?". I have asked various former-candidates, candidates, and party officials across NOVA the same question, and will be posting their responses one at a time after I have received them all. I have made sure to include both "centrist" and "conservative" Republicans. I hope with a collection of ideas, we can openly discuss where to go as a party in Northern Virginia.

MSNBC Looks into PA Senate Race

MSNBC looks into the Pennsylvania Senate Race, and has quotes from both Senator Santorum, and Bob Casey. With Casey being pro-life, I just don't see Santorum winning the state.

Updated Too Conservative

It Began with just a new banner, but Riley and I had been discussing a new look for quite a while, so here it is. I hope you all like it. For all others who use blogger, click on this for a GREAT three minute video on how to make a banner for blogger. If you are not in the ODBA, and would like to be added to TC's blogroll..leave your blog address below and I will check it out for addition.

Titled "Unity Message"

The following was sent to me anonymously , and is a message saved as "Unity Message" created by the Chairman of the Hampton County GOP. A Republican Message “The whole art of government consists in the art of being honest”- Thomas Jefferson, Rights of British America, 1774 At what point will the Republican Party in Virginia come to terms with its true identity and the principles that keep voters on our side. How can individuals move toward the principles of Mark Warner and be Republicans at the same time? Whom can we count on to further the ideas of smaller government and lower taxes? I believe this can only be obtained by the empowerment of the grass roots and their ability to cohesively work with the elected of equal ideology. These grass root members work for free and are committed to the cause based on their ability to manifest change, see progress in the fortification of values they hold dear and knowing they will not be deceived on principle by those elected. When deceived the immediate reaction is apathy and this reaction is counterproductive. Only when the deception is elevated and understood will people rally to remove the representative who has broken their trust. I contend that waiting for a measure which further dilutes the Republican message is cowardly and unacceptable. The Republican Party of Virginia must look to like-minded elected representatives and ourselves, in order to retain our majority. We also must recognize the existing problems and actions needed to rectify them. That brings us to the matter at hand and further evaluation of our situation. Mark Warner is touted as a great leader; at best he is a political opportunist with big money. Campaigning as a fiscal conservative and with a good old boy image, Warner won the governors office. The internal strife of the Republican Party seen only at times in subtle ways allowed his five point win over Mark Earley and the beginning of his predetermined plan to undermine the Republican Party. We must remember Warner was the Democratic State Chair, you do not get their being a moderate middle of the road guy (ask Hillary and Dean). Warner, his true agenda on paper, began operations, some how allowing, a Republican chief, access to a high-level conference call. The fish took the bait and thus we were forced to endure eavesdropping. Old news on the House leader begins anew and we are left without a formidable leader in the House. (Remember that Vance Wilkins organized our rise to power.) Next “ Good Governor”, like the serpent in the tree, sold poisoned goods to Republican Assembly members. Aided by those compelled by special interest and the greed of power, the serpent began his acts of deception. The rhetoric and persuasion of peers allowed Warner his great political victory. A political liar and do nothing, now achieves a “bipartisan” victory, which yields him a presidential contender. So much for campaign promises, remember,” I will not, absolutely not raise your taxes”. Also, he never attended NASCAR or hunted and fished, but lying is the fundamental promise of Warner politics. All this may seem to be old news or maybe not. This victory has confused our principles and thus our supporters. This leads us to where we must go now. Jefferson wrote, “ It is impossible not to deplore our past follies and their present consequences, but let them at least be warnings against follies in the future.” We must now and in the future, strive to regain our message and principles. Those that pledge to be elected Republicans, can no longer fail the real meaning of fiscal responsibility and their loss of respect to grass roots. Grass roots and the elected, whose principles have not failed the party and constituents, should reach to educate the public in the truth of this matter. This truth is unyielding fact and was decisive thought by our founding fathers. We can not lead Virginia in our present condition and if those that have transgressed against the Republican institution render themselves again to Democrat agendas, it is certain we will lose the majority. Please consider the true need for us to allow penance by the few that transgressed as public observation of Republican policy views this internal strife. Democrats revel in their ability to destroy us from within and we must when it becomes apparent rid ourselves of these individuals who fail to concede their failings. Those who continue to burden the people with unneeded taxation shall find themselves unelectable as Republicans. I hope that in this session of the General Assembly, all elected Republican Members will subscribe to true Republican principle which sent us to power in the beginning of our majorities in the House and Senate. “Excessive taxation… will carry reason and reflection to every man’s door, and particularly in the hour of election.” Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1798 Submitted to the Republican Party of Virginia - January 22, 2006 Michael D. Wade, Chairman, Hampton Republican Party -Thoughts?

Look Into The Party

The Arizona Republic has a great article on the "state of the GOP" , as well as John McCains presidential visit to Florida. In another seconding speech, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan said, "Friends, we are in trouble.""If you come from a red state or a safe seat, you probably don't see it yet," Ryan added. "But if you come from a blue state and a tough district, that moment is here. Don't take my word for it."


This Thursday-Saturday I will be blogging from the Conservative Political Action Conference at the Omni Hotel in D.C. Guest Speakers include Newt Gingrich, John Bolton, George Allen, Tom Tancredo, Ann Coulter, Bob Novak , and Governor Rick Perry. Will anyone else be attending?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rolling Stone Has Gone Too Far

A couple of years ago I became a subscriber to Rolling Stone magazine. I enjoy reading about Rock music, and they have good charts at the back of every magazine. Recently the magazine has become too liberal for me, and story after story rips on President Bush as well as other leading Republicans. A few weeks ago they even ran a story on how marijuana is not a drug, and the Bush administration is just wasting our money fighting drugs. This weeks magazine has gone too far for me. While I am not a fan of "all or nothing" people, I am a very spiritual man, who has a deep faith in Jesus. The cover of the magazine showed notorious rapper Kanye West as Jesus Christ, and the story was even titled "The Passion of Kanye West". Comparing a thug like Kanye to Jesus is just a little far. While I am not going to burn things down like the Muslims are doing over the cartoon of Muhammad, I do feel that the magazine have become too one-sided. To couple the sainting of Kanye , the magazine also spent more than 9 pages ripping on one of my favorite Senators-Sam Brownback from Kansas. The article on him was titled "God's Senator, Inside the War Room of the Religious Right". The article states that Senator Brownback wishes to "turn American into a theocracy" , and spends page after page demonizing Brownback for such things as censoring what his children watch on television. I don't think I will renew my subscription..

Eric Lundberg Chairman Again

Since the filling deadline has come and passed, Eric Lundberg will be Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee yet again. Now if Brian Murphy can win in Prince William ,and Jim Rich in the 10th-it'll be a good year for sensible Republicans.

Davis Tries To Ban Internet Hunting

Blogger has been down for a good portion of the weekend...and I am back from Texas. It appears that Congressman Tom Davis has introduced a bill to ban online hunting. I had no idea online hunting existed, and would be interested to hear the NRA's side on the matter. The article is here.

McDowell Tapped by Bush

Bush Picks Telecom Lawyer for FCC By JENNIFER C. KERR The Associated PressFriday, February 3, 2006; 2:57 PM WASHINGTON -- President Bush chose telecommunications attorney and lobbyist Robert McDowell on Friday to take an open seat at the Federal Communications Commission, a move that would restore the agency's 3-2 GOP majority. McDowell currently serves as senior vice president and assistant general counsel at Comptel, a trade organization representing phone carriers that compete with the regional Bell companies _ Verizon, BellSouth, Qwest and AT&T. The Senate would have to confirm the nomination. McDowell would give FCC Chairman Kevin Martin a Republican majority at the agency _ something he hasn't had since he was elevated to the post last March. Since then, the normally five-member commission has been evenly split 2-2, although it was briefly operating with only three members in December _ when Martin was outnumbered by the two Democrats on the panel. The Democratic majority ended last month when Republican Deborah Tate was sworn in. A third Republican vote would allow Martin to move forward with his agenda and tackle contentious issues like a review of media ownership rules. The lack of a GOP majority proved troublesome for Martin last summer when the Republicans and Democrats on the panel couldn't agree on how to begin the process of considering new ownership rules. The issue was shelved minutes before it was slated to be discussed at a monthly FCC meeting. McDowell would fill the seat vacated by GOP Commissioner Kathleen Abernathy last year. The term runs until June 2009. Before joining Comptel in 1999, McDowell was executive vice president and general counsel for America's Carrier Telecommiunications Association. He ran unsuccessfully in 2003 for the Virginia House of Delegates.

Friday, February 03, 2006


I saw this linked off of Chad Dotsons site Those calling for new blood need to look at the bigger picture, according to the state’s highest-ranking Republican. “What I would say to those folks is ‘There’s no reason to panic,’” said Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, in an interview with the Daily. “There’s no reason to change leadership at the top of the party,” he said. “Kate Griffin has done a great job as chair … she’s a great spokesperson for the Republican Party of Virginia.”“Wholesale changes” in the party would be too much, he added.“I think we’ve actually performed fairly well in most parts of the state,” Bolling said. “I think we’ve got some challenges in Northern Virginia. I think that’s really what our focus has to be as we look to the future.” COME ON GUYS. ..wait... Before I rip on the quote, I feel as though I should put out a disclaimer:The thoughts on here are mine, and mine alone. If anyone has a problem with them, they can call or e-mail me.My comments have nothing to do with any elected offical, party official, or organization. Now-I have read some of the spin the other blogs are putting on RPV, but I will not back down on calling out the faulty leadership.We have problems within our party guys, and to sit back and just accept people because they are already in power is NOT going to fix the problem. The above words from Lt. Governor Bill Bolling are absurd.This from a candidate who outspent Leslie Byrne, an abortion on demand, pro-union, pro-tax candidate, by 2-1....and we BARELY won. I mean come on, if this is the spokesman for RPV-that's another problem in itself. As far as his comment on Northern Virginia-he was part of the problem himself. If Chap Petersen had been on the ticket, we would have gotten creamed even more than we did in NOVA. You people have gone off your rockers, I mean come on. Regardless of what everyone thinks of me, I am a hard worker, and I have spoken to hundreds of voters in NOVA.This is simple logic-when we as a party nominate candidates who vote against Northern Virginia, and state "There is No Transportation Crisis" how can we expect to win the region? -WE CANT , and the voters will continue to be upset with out party. I will not accept these people as our leaders just because they have been annointed by a chosen few. We are going to continue to lose Northern Virginia if we put up people who don't know how to campaign up here. Bill Bolling as our nominee helped the defeat of Chris Craddock, John Mason, Michael Golden, Dick Black and others. If the loss in the 33rd wasn't a good indicator-than I ask Kate Obenshain Griffin, Bill Bolling, or any of these other "everything is fine" people-What Is a Good Indicator Then? A Gubernatorial Loss? A close win against a communist? A recount for AG? Losses in NOVA? Losses in 3 out of 4 Special Elections? Our party leadership continuing to stir up problems within the party? RPV can continue to spin themselves to everyone as they want, but I am tired of the spinning. ...and for gosh sakes, get someone else besides Bill Bolling to defend your credibility.


From the Associated Press: "I hear a lot of concern about increased spending and the need to reduce it, talk about getting back to the basics," said Kate Obenshain Griffin, chairwoman of the Virginia Republican Party. Griffin, Rath and several other Republican activists attending a two-day RNC meeting said GOP voters in their states still strongly support President Bush. They also insisted in interviews that Republicans were more likely than not to retain control of the House and the Senate in November. I agree that many GOPers still strongly support Bush in Virginia, and also agree on the problems with increased spending. The problem though in Virginia, is alot of people seem to want to "cut" things ...but never specifically state what they wish to cut. If all legislators in Richmond can take a note out of Delegate Chris Saxman's book, maybe we can actually begin to cut back on governmentexcessivee spending, instead of just talkingaboutu the issue.

I've Been Tagged

NoVa Democrat Tagged me: Four jobs I’ve Had 1)Ticket Salesman At Fairfax Corner Movies 2)Deputy CM for Chris Craddock 3)Ticket Salesman At Fairfax Town Center Movies 4)Intern for Senator Shelby Four movies I can watch over and over 1)Troy 2)Forrest Gump 3)Kingdom of Heaven 4)Sleepy Hollow Four places I’ve lived 1. Fairfax, VA 2. Reston, VA 3. Southern Shores, NC 4. Kill Devil Hills, NC Four TV shows I love 1. The O'Reilly Factor 2. Hannity and Colmes 3. Commander in Chief 4. Nip/Tuck Four places I’ve vacationed 1. Outer Banks, NC 2. Venice, Italy 3. London, England 4. Cancun, Mexico Four of my favorite dishes 1. Baja Gorditas 2. Wild West Shrimp at Longhorns 3. Flounder at Awful Arthurs 4. Whooper Jr. Four sites I visit daily 1. Fox News 2. Baylor University 3. Not Larry Sabato 4. Commonwealth Conservative Four places I would rather be right now 1. I am in Waco, and I like it ..but... 2. My Beach House in Kill Devil Hills 3. Rome 4. Hawaii I tag Blue in VA Walt Ball at Commonwealth Watch

In Texas

In Texas right now, will be back on Sunday. Check out this post from South of the James.

Conservative Movement Leaders to meet in Vegas

Perhaps swayed by the ad campaign of "What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas," the Council for National Policy (CNP) is holding a meeting there in a few weeks. CNP is probably what Hillary! was referring to as the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy all those years ago. Now, this group is hardly a secret conspiracy. (Heck, almost a decade ago I was invited to join it by someone I met while working on Steve Forbes' '96 presidential campaign.) Basically, it is a good group of people and a mixture of both fiscal and social conservatives. And yes, there are people here in Virginia, some of whom you've probably heard of or even met, who belong to CNP. (Just to clarify, I never joined.)

Who Will Win The Democratic Nod?

In the 11th Congressional Seat, two Democrats are vying for the nomination to take on Congressman Tom Davis this November. Ken Longmyer, and Andrew Hurst are very different candidates. I personally feel that as Longmyer lost to Davis in '04-that the Democrats will nominate Hurst and try someone else.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Black Blames Republicans For Staton Loss

From the Connection Papers: For Staton, U.S. Sen. George Allen (R), Attorney General Robert McDonnell (R), U.S. Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10), Deputy Attorney General Mims and Black all campaigned on his behalf. Black, who played a key role in Staton's campaign, said Republicans must start sticking to core conservative principles — like opposing tax increases — if the GOP wants to start winning elections again."You can't just simply walk away from your base and expect them to show up on election day," Black said. Would these Republicans be Tom Rust, Joe May, and Bill Mims? All who are still sitting in office today?

What my source in RPV is telling me.....

A friend of mine on the RPV Exec. Cmte. told me the following regarding the meeting for this weekend:

I think it's just a good mid-winter break to review big picture priorities. No alarm bells should be ringing.

Who Would Replace Obenshain?

I continue to hear differences of opinion on the Saturday meeting of the Executive Meeting. Sentiment against Ms.Kate Obenshain-Griffin does continue to grow, and as I posted below, I do believe Chairman Sean T. Connaughton would be a good replacement. Paul Harris who is working with Americans for Prosperity is also being tossed around. Who else would you like to see as Chairman?

Blunt to remain Maj. Whip -- Cantor's chance to move up stalled

Roy Blunt's staff has confirmed he will remain as Maj. Whip for the remainder of the 109th Congress. This stalls Eric Cantor as Dep. Maj. Whip. Cantor was the front-runner for Maj. Whip had the position come open via Blunt's ascendence, resignation or a call for new leadership elections across the board. None of those materialized. This was a stinging rebuke to Blunt with more than half his caucus saying they have no confidence in his ability to do the job he was tasked with on an interim basis.

U.S. House Majority Leader goes to a second ballot -- UPDATE: Boehner Wins!!!

Hotline on Call is reporting:

Rep. Roy Blunt (MO) led in the first round of votes for majority leader, but failed to win the magic 117, forcing a second vote. Rep. John Boehner (OH) was second with 79 votes; Rep. John Shadegg (AZ) was third with 40 votes. Rep. Jim Ryun (KS) received two write-ins. As of 1:30 p.m., GOPers are counting the ballots in a second vote.
I'd say that Blunt is probably toast. Generally, if you don't make it on the first ballot as the front-runner, you've hit your ceiling of support. The only question now is whether this is also a no confidence vote in Blunt as Majority Whip. Will Blunt step aside as Whip if not elected Leader? If not, that dead ends Cantor's run for Whip. UPDATE: Boehner - 122 votes; Blunt - 109 votes

Peggy Noonan on the challenges facing the GOP and Dems

Peggy Noonan, one of my favorite writers and someone I had the privilege to meet last year, had this to say in an article appearing in today's Wall Street Journal:

Conservatives are always writing about the strains and stresses within the Republican Party, and they are real. But the Democratic Party seems to be near imploding, and for that most humiliating of reasons: its meaninglessness. Republicans are at least arguing over their meaning.
That, in a nutshell, sums up pretty much what everyone in the Virginia blogosphere is talking about.

Movement Within The RPV? UPDATED 3

Word has come to my ear that about an hour ago, a letter was sent out to the RPV Executive Committee of the State Central Committee calling for an emergency meeting this Saturday in Richmond. There has been no word on what the topic of the meeting will be, but one (like me) can speculate. Making people from around the state drive to Richmond at short notice must mean something big will be discussed...maybe like a change in RPV leadership. I joke a lot about people running for offices-but I am 100% serious in my statement that: The Best Candidate for RPV Chairman is Sean T. Connaughton. Over the past month I have heard from around the state ,peoples continuing problems with our RPV leadership, and have been told my many people that Sean Connaughton would be the best Party Chair. He has great connections to the business community, and is an excellent fundraiser. If Kate is no longer our Chair, we should break away from her inner-circle..and unlike many of them-Connaughton is not a party hack. Check out his resume:Sean T. Connaughton was elected Chairman at-Large of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in November 1999. He was re-elected to a second four-year term beginning on January 1, 2004. Chairman Connaughton is: The chief elected official of the Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board; a member of the Board of Directors of the Skillsource Group, Inc. of the Northern Virginia Workforce Investment Board; a member of the Northern Virginia Transportation Authority; and a member of the Steering Committee of the Large Urban County Caucus of the National Association of Counties. Chairman Connaughton was the recipient of the 2004 Distinguished Service Award for County Elected Officials by the National Association of Counties. Chairman Connaughton is also a member of the Prince William County Advisory Board of George Mason University and a member of Committee for the Performing Arts Center at George Mason University. He is Chairman of the 9/11 Memorial Fund as well as Chairman of the Potomac Hospital Capital Campaign. He serves on the Board of Directors of: the Homeland Protection Institute, Ltd.; the Northern Virginia Science Center at Belmont Bay; and the Conservation Leaders Network. He also served on the Northern Virginia Base Realignment and Closure Working Group. He is a graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy where he received his Bachelors Degree. The Chairman also holds a Masters Degree from Georgetown University and a Law Degree from George Mason University. Chairman Connaughton also is a graduate (with honors) of the U.S. Naval War College. The Chairman was a fellow at the Sorenson Institute of Political Leadership in 1995, and is a member of its Northern Virginia Regional Board. Chairman Connaughton resides in Triangle with his wife, Teresa, and two children, Courtney and Sean Jr. He and his family attend St. Francis of Assisi Parish in Triangle. Chairman Connaughton is a member of the Prince William County Republican Committee, the National Conference of Republican County Officials, Prince William Regional Chamber of Commerce, Prince William-Greater Manassas Chamber of Commerce, American Legion Post #28, Montclair Lions Club, the Optimist Club of Manassas, the Merchant Marine Academy Alumni Association, the Naval Reserve Association, the Reserve Officers Association, the Propeller Club of the United Sates and the Ancient Order of Hibernians. He is an attorney in private practice with Troutman Sanders LLP in Washington, DC. He is a member of the Virginia Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, the Maritime Law Association and the Veterans Pro Bono Consortium. He is an appointed member of the of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security’s Towing Safety Advisory Committee. Chairman Connaughton served on active duty in the U.S. Coast Guard from 1983 to 1986. He is currently a Commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve Good huh? It starts here-Draft Sean Connaughton for RPV Chairman. Update 1: Commonwealth Watch looks into the formal proceedings of what would happen. Update 2: Mason Conservative Calls for a New Party Chair-and names Tom Davis, Paul Harris, or Sean Connaughton to fill Kate Obenshain Griffins shoes. Update 3(8:30am): Word continues to come to me from around the state that more than the State Senate will be discussed at this meeting. The entire state central committee has not be called down-only the few most powerful members of our party-The Executive Committee. RPV is going to have them come from across the state to talk about something two years away?

Interesting Read

The Post has an interesting article, which is a good read during this time of RPV reflection and search for direction.

'St. Jack' and the Bullies in the PulpitJohn Danforth Says It's Time the GOP Center Took On The Christian Right By Peter SlevinWashington Post Staff WriterThursday, February 2, 2006; Jack Danforth wishes the Republican right would step down from its pulpit. Instead, he sees a constant flow of religion into national politics. And not just any religion, either, but the us-versus-them, my-God-is-bigger-than-your-God, velvet-fist variety of Christian evangelism. As a mainline Episcopal priest, retired U.S. senator and diplomat, Danforth worships a humbler God and considers the right's certainty a sin. Legislating against gay marriage, for instance? "It's just cussedness." As he sees it, many Republican leaders have lost their bearings and, if they don't change, will lose their grip on power. Not to mention make the United States a meaner place. Danforth is no squalling liberal. He is a lifelong Republican. And his own political history shows he is no milquetoast. Rest of Article
In the early 90's Senator Danforth was the first (non-Virginian) national politician I had the opportunity to meet and get know. He worked closely with the organization I had my first internship with during my senior year of college. I continued my career with the organization and had the opportunity to interact with him on a very close basis often. He's definitely a good voice to carry this message; if it's the right one. I've always had a deep admiration for Rev./Amb./Sen. Danforth.

Voice of the Metro

Metro has found its new announcer voice.

NLS's "Weenie of the Month" for January

Go here to cast your vote for Not Larry Sabato's "Weenie of the Month" for January. I'm supporting John Chichester for Weenie of the Month for saying Virginia's taxes should be more in line with Maryland's. Freakin' Pinko Commie!!! (I'm trying to avoid using the RINO label.)

Rightside VA

Another New Addition to the TC Blogroll is Rightside VA. It describes itself as"Conservative living in Virginia that supports President Bush and the majority of the Republican party. A forum to discuss multiple topics such as enregy, military, conservativism, economy, social programs, education, current events, media bias, Virginia, and sometimes FISHING!!!" It's amazing the sprouting up of localized blogs across the commonwealth, I love it. Rightside VA is from Augusta County. Great reads, and some laughs-head on over and check it out.