Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Candidates on Transportation

Image Hosted by Over the past months, most of the candidates for their respective offices have layed out detailed plans on transportation in order to court the Northern Virginia, and Tidewater voter. Jerry Kilgore-Just let out his transportation plan, as his latest reform during his "ten weeks of honest reform" . The article can be found here from the Virginian Pilot. . In summing it up, Kilgore wants to set up regional transportation authorities, and give them each a certain ammount of power to deal with their respective transportation problems. -Nice going Jerry!- Sean Connaughton- Still trying to get the voter not happy with Richmond. Connaughton has let out his plan, saying that he wants to put a lock on the transportation trust fund, making sure that the money is ONLY used to help transportation. That would be a logical step forward, one that Richmond should have made a long time ago. Connaughton also has a record of solving transportation problems in Prince William, where he built over 70 miles of roads, without the help of VDOT. Bill Bolling-Seconds Connaughton on the Trust Fund idea. His full plan is found here Steve Baril-Attorney General candidate Baril has also strangely come up with a transportation plan. His ideas sound great, but he even mentions that all he could do is advise the Governor, never actually impliment the ideas himself.


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