Monday, May 09, 2005


As mentioned on Commonwealthwatch, and the Washington Times, George Fitch has yet again called for a debate against Jerry Kilgore. George Fitch knows that he will not get a debate, and has hopes that a debate with Lt.Gov Tim Kaine would help give him better name id. A Tim Kaine debate could only be beneficial for Tim Kaine as well, who would look good in a debate, and help boost Fitch's name id, thus hurting Jerry Kilgore. The Kilgore campaign has done very well keeping with the "Tim Kaine is our opponent", which has really gotten under George Fitch's skin. Politically speaking, Kilgore wouldn't be doing the savy thing holding a debate with Fitch, but it's seeming that George Fitch is getting just as much press playing the issue that Kilgore WONT hold a debate, as if they actually held one.


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