Thursday, May 12, 2005


Too Conservative's view on why some statewide candidates are running, relating to the future, based mainly on speculation, and some fact. George Fitch-Fitch has said that some small town Republicans from the Richmond area asked him to run, but have obviously not backed him financially. He must be getting his name out for a future State Senate run, hoping that himself being the only candidate from Warrenton will give him the advantage, and atleast some right to engage in discussions betwen the candidates. A possible statewide office again in four years can't be ruled out. Russ Potts- The story heard on Russ Potts is that he is running on the basis of revenge. He is mad that Phil Griffin thought of running, did run , and will run again most likely next time around. Likely Republican nominee Kilgore didn't back the incumbent Potts. It is rumored that Kate Griffin might get the Secretary of Education nod if Kilgore is elected, and Phil might get another position himself. Potts, who is most likely on his last term feels that he might as well go out with a bang, and screw over his old enemies. Sean Connaughton- Sean Connaughton seems to himself be running to help out Virginia, but he is backed by someone who is trying to test the waters for the future, Congressman Tom Davis. Theres been some major speculation that Davis will run for Senate when and if John Warner retires. If Sean Connaughton, a NOVA Republican can secure the nod against a downstate Republican, then Tom Davis will feel way more confident in a run statewide. Tom Davis needs to throw his full support behind Connaughton, to help him get elected, and thus help himself.


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