Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Race Card

The most interesting phenomena that has occurred since the advent of the civil rights movement is the democrat hold over the black vote. Though the democrats claim to be advocates of the black community, they insist on using them as pawns in their quest for getting out the vote on elections. After the election is over however, the black community is often forgotten. How soon we forget....What the media and history books ignore is that Kennedy had to go to the Republicans in order to pass civil rights legislation. Also, 83% of republicans voted for civil rights, while only 62% of democrats did so. To go back even further in history, the group that began the movement to free slaves was a group of six republicans in the midwest. I will concede that the democrat-led affirmative action measures were important when they came into being, simply because of the discrimination that held back many promising black citizens. If it were not for affirmative action, we would not have the strong leader Condoleeza Rice as our chief diplomat and past protector of the Homeland in her tenure as National Security Advisor. Today, affirmative action no longer benefits who it was oriniginally intended, and with the current cultural climate, it is no longer necessary. Affirmative action is used as an issue to attract the black vote without actually helping them. Affirmative action should no longer be race-based, rather it should beircumstance based, as a way of giving opportunites to those who may come from the less fortunate communities. Again, when republicans walk into a room of citizens, they do not see them as a possible black vote or hispanic vote, they see them as voters. Democrats should start practicing the colorblindness they preach.


At 5/09/2005 03:29:00 PM, Anonymous patb05 said...

very true, the Democrats need to stop their hold on the minorities. When they wake up and realize that we are the party of their Christian morals, we'll take them back.


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