Monday, May 30, 2005

ViVa! Vienna

Interesting news at the Viva Vienna event this morning. As I was driving there I discovered that all of the hundreds of political signs, Republican and Democrat had been taken down and thrown about into the road. Only the Connaughton campaign had seemingly put any back up, as the Ed Robinson, Chap Peterson, and few Bill Bolling signs lay sprawled on 123. On my way out of Vienna, I noticed a 4 x 8 war. Connaughton had a huge four by eight, surrounded by Bolling signs, and Bolling had a 4 x 8 , surrounded by Connaughton signs. Its sad to admit , but true: Tim Kaine's signage of the event was far greater than the meager ammount of Kilgore signs on sticks. The number of signs around Fairfax has also gone up greatly in this two weeks before primary. Chap Peterson leads in his home turf of Fairfax City, and right around, but Connaughton has the most signs up County-wide. Bolling has a good presense, and Baril and McDonnell are no where to be found.


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