Monday, June 27, 2005

35th House District

NLS and friends have a story going on the 35th House District race between incumbent Steve Shannon and challenger/'03 Supervisor canidate Jim Hyland. In 2003 Shannon won this seat with 51.9% of the vote against Robert McDowell. McDowell did not perform up to the level many expected(most of all the seat's predecessor Sen Devolites-Davis) and lost a seat that he should have won. Shannon had the brilliant move of pitching himself as a moderate and in his final mail piece placed a quote from Congressman Tom Davis(from a letter a few years earlier) along with a picture. This little game gave many people the impression that Steve Shannon was being supported by Congressman Davis and his "good friend"(before the vows) Sen. Devolites. I must say the move was impressive and took the race to lean Shannon from a toss-up. The same cycle Jim Hyland lost to Linda Smyth in the bid to replace current Chairman Gerry Connolly's magesterial seat on the Board of Supervisors. While I do agree that Smyth is a horrible candidate she was running in one of the "lock" districts for Democrats in Fairfax County. Hyland was able to pull 43%, which sounds bad until you compare it with the top-of-the-ticket Mychele Brickner's 37%. I will have to say that this seat will go to Steve Shannon when all is said and done. Jim Hyland is a good candidate, but I do not think he has the ability to raisethe type of money that Steve Shannon will bring into this district. I am impressed by Jim Hyland's individual work ethic in the door knocking world as he personally hit the hard R's in my nieghborhood twice between January and June. But, a lack of money and lack of discontent for the incumbent does not make this seat ripe for the taking. TC Call- Probable Shannon


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