Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Special Guest for Kilgore Cookout's

Here is the word from the National Journal today:

VIRGINIA GOVERNOR: Bring Your Gun, And Your Appetite GOP strategist Mary Matalin will be the guest of honor for on of ex-AG Jerry Kilgore's first "Cookouts for Kilgore" (release, 6/6). Looking Downticket The Dem LG candidates -- Del. Viola Baskerville, ex-Rep. Leslie Byrne, Del. Chapman Petersen and state Sen. Phillip Puckett are profiled by the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Baskerville "has been the only" candidate to "publicly question" Kaine's property tax plan, and wants to address health-care reform. Puckett calls himself a pro-life Dem and opposes gay marriage, and said his conservatism and being from Southwest VA would help the ticket 11/05. Byrne said education is the top issue facing the state, as well as transportation. Petersen said he's more moderate than Baskerville or Byrne and has a record of receiving crossover support. In what's likely a low-turnout race, each will be working to get out their voters. Petersen: "If you have a lot of friends and family, you'll be in good shape" (Stallsmith, 6/7).

Turn-out continues to be the big question on bth sides. June 14th will be very interesting.


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