Saturday, July 16, 2005

Campaign Funds...

We have all seen the numbers from Kilgore, Kaine and Potts over the past few days. So, I took the time this AM to look over the funds of the downticket races to see where they stand in relation to one another. The numbers in parenthesis represent the funds each candidate has in their respective General Assembly accounts that can be transfered to the statewide accounts. All info can be found at the State Board of Elections website. Lt Governor Bolling- $62,671(5,000) Byrne- $126,068 Attorney General McDonnell- $74,558(22,000) Deeds- $595,909(10,000) It is apparent that as of now the Democratic candidates have a fundraising advantage in comparison to their Republican opponents for each office. I do not think this will be an issue in the LG Race as the margin is narrow and could be closed with a few calls to some big dollar donors. In the AG Race I am a little bit worried. While I think McDonnell is the strongest portion of our ticket I think he has the toughest opponent from the Dems. Deeds is moderate enough to appeal to the average joe smoe voter and his rural ties will be benefical. Current TC calls for the offices: Gov- Lean GOP LG- Lean GOP AG- Toss Up (Though we really wish we could say Strong GOP) EDIT: Took a quick look at the losing candidates for each of the statewide offices. Both GOP losers spent almost every dollar and have no debt. Many have called for them to give the remainder to the primary winners, but I do not think there is enough to do that when the final bills are paid. The interesting point from the Dem side is Chap!'s $80,000 in debt. Maybe that big bill will make him think twice about running against Sen. Devolites-Davis in two years.


At 7/18/2005 01:57:00 PM, Blogger Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I'm confident that McDonnell will raise the funds he needs to compete. I don't doubt that now that there is a ticket that the coattails effect will come into play. Strong showings by Kilgore and Bolling could pull an underfunded but superior candidate like McDonnell across the finish line (although I doubt McDonnell will be underfunded for long.) Get ready for the RPV ticket bumperstickers and signs for Kilgore / Bolling / McDonnell. Out of the three candidates running, I'd probably say McDonnell is my favorite and right now he'd be my choice for governor in 2009 in a race against Bolling.

At 7/18/2005 05:28:00 PM, Anonymous Sorrel said...

McDonnell's race against Baril was expensive, but both those guys were excellent fundraisers. No reason to believe McDonnell has lost the touch. He just had to go deep in the primary. Deeds didn't have an opponent. McDonnell is an attractive candidate who has few enemies across the spectrum of likely Republican donors. Deeds' strength is that he is perceived as relatively non-ideological, a real plus in the general election.

Both Bolling and Byrne are fringe candidates who may have trouble raising money from mainstream sources. Nonetheless, each has supprot from the wings of their parties and some of the largesse that flows to their running mates will help them. Bolling had a big advantage in the primary by being able to channel around $200k from his Senate funds to the LG race. Even that wasn't enough to compeletely offset Connaughton's fundraising successes, but he survived that crisis and now doesn't have to compete for Republican dollars.


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