Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Field

National Journal released 17 names today that they believe are the sensible individuals on the President's "Short List". They are:

- 3rd Cir Appeals Judge Samuel Alito (55)- Bush 41 - DC Cir Appeals Judge Janice Rogers Brown (56)- Bush 43 - 5th Cir Appeals Judge Edith Brown Clement (57)- Bush 41 - Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) (53)- Elected in 2002 - Sen. Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) (68)- Elected in 2000 - 5th Cir Appeals Judge Emilio Garza (57)- Reagen Appointee - AG Alberto Gonzales (49)- Former TX SC and White House Counsel - 5th Cir Appeals Judge Edith Hollan Jones (56)- Reagen - DC Cir Appeals Judge Michael Luttig (51)- Bush 41, upheld VA partial birth ban in 98 - 10th Cir Appeals Judge Michael McConnell (50)- Bush 43, spoke against judicial reasoning of Gore v Bush(2000) decision - WH Counsel Harriet Miers (59)- Bush 43 - DC Cir Appeals Judge John Roberts (50)- Bush 43 - Ex-Solic. Gen. Ted Olson (64)- Bush 43, wife died in 9/11 attack on Pentagon - 7th Cir Appeals Judge Diane Sykes (47)- Bush 43 - Ex-Dep. AG Larry Thompson (59)- Bush 43, led Anti-Terrorism branch of DOJ - 4th Cir Appeals Judge Harvie Wilkinson (61)- Reagen - 4th Cir Appeal Judge Karen Williams (54)- Bush 41

Should be interesting to see who Bush goes with on this one. My money says it will either be Gonzales or someone no one is expecting. Almost seems like it would be best for Bush to nominate a friend he can trust with little judicial record in order to get the nominee through the partisan Senate. But, that train of thought could land us another Souter. As for the litmus test argument, it seems to make little sense to me. In order to overturn Roe v Wade we will need another justice from the left to step down. Only Reinhquist, Thomas, and Scalia are in-favor of throwing Roe out and a new Justice will most likely operate off of precedent on the matter anyways. If not then we on the Right will have just pushed an "Activist Judge" of our own. But then again we probably would not care if the "Activist Judge" was pushing our agenda. Anyways, the true battle on abortion will come on the fringe issues(partial-birth, parental notification, etc.) and we should not be expecting a nominee that will walk in carrying the pro-life banner like our knight in shining armor. The only thing that should truly matter is the nominee is an individual with a strict constructionist view of the constitution that will work to ensure the constitution is used to defend our rights as intended by the Founders and not develop some neo-liberal theories on what Washington and friends would do today.


At 7/07/2005 09:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You spelled "Reagan" incorrectly.

At 7/12/2005 04:11:00 PM, Anonymous E.D. is not your friend said...

Anyone past their early 50s you can eliminate as a possibility. W. is looking to impact the court for a long time to come by putting a young, strict constructionist on the bench. I hadn't thought about Cornyn until I saw him mentioned there. He would actually be an excellent choice. I really like him a lot. I'd be sad to see him depart the Senate so soon, but he'd make an excellent justice!


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