Thursday, July 21, 2005

From the Hotline....

In today's edition of the Hotline there was this little nugget

Kerry Won't Stump, But He'll E-Mail In an e-mail, John Kerry writes that the Kilgore camp asked Bush to come "in a desperate attempt to recover from their candidate's gaffe-filled performance" in the 7/16 debate. "If we move quickly we can build on" Kaine's momentum "and move an important step closer to ensuring" his victory 11/8. He says Bush "will use his fundraising network to fill Kilgore's campaign coffers with checks from powerful special interest groups and hard-right ideologues." He asks the " community" to participate in a 1-day fundraising drive to "give Tim Kaine a strong grassroots boost" (Hotline sources, 7/21).
I'll take Bush over Kerry anyday of the week in Virginia. I hope Timmy Boy has somebody else on the bench to bring in.


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