Friday, July 15, 2005

Metro Bringing Riders to the Table.

The Wash Po is reporting that the Metro Board of Directors voted yesterday to create a Riders Advisory Council. The council will consist of 18 members(three from each jurisdiction serviced by Metro). It is good to see that Metro is slowly making itself more geared towards the customers they are serving. This move, along with the recent development of line specific customer service managers, will hopefully make the system run a little bit smoother. But, we as a region must begin developing a culture of utilizing public transportation. We seem to always be in-favor of the concept but would rather sit in our cars for 45 minutes than ride a train for 30. Convienience and expansion still need to addressed. The later needs to be addressed in some sort of cost effective manner for jurisdicitions like Loudoun and Prince William to join the system and not bankrupt their coffers or hit local property owners with an even larger tax bill.


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