Friday, July 22, 2005

My First Real Post

And this is my first real post. The Battle of Britain continues in earnest today, as the newest battlefield in the War on Terror heats up. In spite of this "gloves-off" resolve, the Neville Chamberlain wing of the British political establishment remains. They are mute in the immediate wake of the continuing onslaught, but once the public is lulled back to complacency, their voices will return full force. They will cry that the Iraq War has made the world less safe, and point to the London bombings as immutable evidence. They will argue that the War in Iraq has stirred up the terrorists and naturally provoked a response. But they will find Prime Minister Tony Blair standing strongly against them: "The other view is that this is a wholly new phenomenon, worldwide global terrorism based on a perversion of the true, peaceful and honourable faith of Islam... If you take this view, you believe September 11th changed the world; that Bali, Beslan, Madrid and scores of other atrocities that never make the news are part of the same threat and the only path to take is to confront this terrorism, remove it root and branch and at all costs stop them acquiring the weapons to kill on a massive scale because these terrorists would not hesitate to use them" (


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