Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Now This I Like...

I am a big fan of the private sector getting involved in the managing of our roads up here in No Va, especially since VDOT is absolutely horrible. Today in the Wash Po we were show this proposal by the group that runs the Dulles Greenway. I like the idea of the private sector investing in the infrastructure for the running of our region. We should see a much better level of service than provided by the public entity that currently manages the toll road and the private sector group will only recoup fees equal to the cost of purchasing and running the road. Good for me! I also like that the money paid to the state will be invested in other VDOT projects that we have currently underway. A larger investment in transportation is needed across the state. It is obvious that Gov Warner and Sen. "Bills in the Drawer" have done a horrible job funding roads so more creative public-private partnerships are appreciated. My only fear on this one is that we see toll rates go through the roof like we have on the Greenway. SIDE NOTE: I noticed that Bob Burke over at "Road to Ruin" has some commentary on this as well. You guys wake up way to early for me to be blogging.


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