Sunday, July 24, 2005

Russ Potts: Livin' La Vida Loca

Sorry, but I couldn't resist. Let me explain. The Richmond Times-Dispatch has a poll out that says that the Sage of Winchester, state Sen. Russ Potts is the spoiler in the neck-and-neck Kilgore/Kaine sackhop. For Russ Potts, it must be vindicating to have been spurned by people who think he's "gone 'round the bend" as they say, and then be the reason those same folks aren't in the lead themselves. And yet, in light of the last four years of "centrist" Democratic rule (read= we got a huge tax hike we didn't need whether we liked it or not), I'd rather not have Good Ole' Russ taking 2%-3% of GOP votes that Jerry Kilgore is going to need on Election Day. It's worth noting that no other poll has reflected this position. Most of the others had J.Kilgore up 5%-8%. Are most Virginians locking in to the Gubernatorial race now, in the sweltering days of July? Don't kid yourself. This poll is what the statisticians call an "outlier". And the politicos should do what they would do in this situation. Disregard it.


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