Thursday, July 28, 2005

Washington Nationals

In a little detour from politics, I have to say that I was a happy man when the Expos announced that they were moving to Washington, D.C. and becoming the Nationals. I always believed that the DC area needed its own baseball team, without the 30 minute MARC ride from Union Station to Camden Yard. Baseball, like the D.C. scene, is a lot more transient then the other sports. In baseball, one day you might be playing shortstop for the Kansas City Royals and the next day be playing left field for the Seattle Mariners. Same thing for politics- one day you are an intern in DC, the next thing you know you are running a campaign in someplace you can't pronounce. It's just the way it goes. Football, Hockey, even Basketball, none are quite like Baseball in that way So I was glad to see the Nationals in DC. Great. Then they started actually winning some games, to the point where they were in first place and people started really paying attention. Now all of the sudden they are in the middle of a horrendous slump. They are playing decent ball, extra innings on a regular basis and not letting teams really dominate them, but still they just can't seem to win. Then the whole Livan Hernandez thing last week, and it really seems like the Nats have lost the wheels to their wagon. Hopefully the baseball Gods will turn the Nats around before its too late.


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