Wednesday, July 27, 2005

West Wing a Tad Fictional....

So, 'That Guy' and I are two of the biggest West Wing fans around. What I always found curious was how much the staff complains on the show about their "Low Pay". Well, today the White House released the pay rates for its staff and I was curious to see what the people in their particular positions each made. So let us take a peak. Oh and one more thing before I get rolling... Leo McGarry is the real COS so for our purposes good ole CJ will still be Press Secretary.

Chief of Staff- Leo McGarry(Andy Card) $161,000 Deputy Chief of Staff- Josh Lyman(Karl Rove) $161,000 Press Secretary- CJ Craig(Scott McClellan) $161,000 Communications Director- Toby Ziegler(Nicolle Devenish) $161,000 VP Chief of Staff- Will Bailey(I. Lewis Libby) $161,000 Deputy National Sec Advisor- Kate Harper(Jack Crouch) $161,000 Asst to Deputy Chief of Staff- Donna Moss(Susan Ralston) $92,100 Personal Aide- Charlie Young(Blake Gottesman) $71,600
So the gist here is they make some pretty good cash and perhaps the writers of the show should keep their characters from whining. I will gladly accept $161,000 to work at the White House and pull almost identical hours to what I do now. Yeah you could make alot more in the private sector, but who couldn;t that works in the government?! Here are a few other jobs I fund amusing and what they are paid...
Ethics Advisor- $100,000 Director of Correspondence- $95,000 Supervisor of Search & File- $89,000 Director of Television- $79,000 Speechwriter for First Lady- $70,000 Director of Mail Analysis- $69,000 Assistant Supervisor of Data Entry- $65,000 Hotel Program Manager- $58,000 Direcotr of Personal Correspondence- $58,000 Photograph Coordinator- $47,000 Staff Assistant- $42,000
That last one has to make all of you Staff Assistants on the Hill making 20,000-25,000 really happy. First I would like to know what the heck some of these jobs actually are, why do they pay so much, and how can I apply?


At 7/27/2005 10:21:00 AM, Anonymous The Jaded JD said...

You are indeed a committed fan if the past 2 seasons haven't left a bad taste in your mouth. And this from someone who's never missed an episode on Wednesday night. Until next season anyway.

At 7/27/2005 10:22:00 AM, Blogger The Chief said...

On The West Wing, the characters generally complain about the 'low pay' in relation to the previous pay that they received. In season 2, episode 2, "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen Part II", after C.J. gets out of the pool she notes that she made $550,000 working in TV/movie public relations. In season 1, episode 7, "The State Dinner", Sam mentions that he billed out at $500 an hour while in private practice.

Yes, Mr. JMS and I would love to work at the White House for $42,000/year and work the same hours we work now. But if I'd already been making $550,000/year, maybe I'd complain about the pay cut too.

This isn't to say that the West Wing isn't extremely fictional. It is.

At 7/27/2005 10:24:00 AM, Blogger The Chief said...

Oh, and Jaded JD, the past two seasons have been terrible. Where is Aaron Sorkin when we need him?

At 7/27/2005 11:03:00 AM, Blogger MR JMS said...

I am voting for Alan Alda on the fictional election day myself.

That guy- You need a life.


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