Friday, August 05, 2005

CNN -- More evidence of their detachment from reality

The only thing weirder than Robert Novak walking off the set of the CNN show he was on yesterday was the reaction of the host and James Carville. While the WashPo article doesn't describe it, FOX & Friends this morning showed the video repeatedly and commented on just how bizarre the CNN folks' reaction to it was. In a nutshell, Carville and the host didn't blink an eye and pretended like nothing had happened. It was just surreal. E.D., Steve and Brian were just cracking up laughing at how weird it was. They said, when someone walks off their show, they react, they ask them to come sit back down, they ask them questions -- Brian even said that he'd tackle someone trying to walk off the show. Basically, they'd react the way you would expect a normal human being to react. CNN -- just a bunch of robots. Now with Novak "taking some time off" from CNN as they put it, they've lost their sole remaining conservative voice on the network. Who needs Al Gore's new TV channel when CNN is already doing the Dims dirty work for them?


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