Monday, August 01, 2005

Fiscal Conservatism

Throughout the blogosphere today there is a great deal of grumbling amongst the bedrock of the GOP regarding the pork being crammed into the transportation bill and the energy bill. Adding my voice to those at and, it is RIDICULOUS that there is so much pork squeezed into these bills, especially in conference on the bill. The fiscal conservatism that is a baseline principle of so many Republicans throughout this nation is trampled on by the "easy way out" of spending taxpayers money on frivilous projects that the federal government shouldn't come CLOSE to funding. Then, the offending Republicans typically go home and BRAG ABOUT IT in their literature and correspondence. This cannot continue. I, like many here, don't like it when someone accuses a fellow GOPer of not being "a real Republican" when they have differences of opinion on abortion, gay marriage, or the environment. I generally think that the GOP is a solid enough party to be able to tolerate these views, as long as that is what it takes to maintain and expand the majority. And yet, on this issue, fiscal conservatism, I demand a different rubric be applied to our GOP Congressmen and women. If you can't find a way to toe the line on fiscal conservatism and prefer to behave like a Democrat when it comes time to open the purse strings, I'll find a candidate who will cut frivilousness from the budget instead of adding it, force you into a primary, and then beat you so you can go back home and remember that the GOP fought and won the majority under the banner of fiscal conservatism and a perversion of that principle isn't worthy of the GOP or the America we must work to build.


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