Tuesday, August 09, 2005

From the Headlines

A couple of news stories to call to attention this evening... First, over in Tennessee a married couple staged a jailbreak. Let me call them a modern day Bonnie and Clyde now so that when the people in the MSM start resorting to cliche, I can say I was there first. Second, a Newsweek piece regarding the Ohio town that lost 20 soldiers in Iraq last week. While I have long viewed, and continue to maintain that the struggle against Islamic-fascism is a cataclysmic battle that we've not yet fully committed to as a nation, this Ohio town reminds me, and all of us, of the cost of this fight. And lastly, Iran is ringing the nuclear bell. Its position at the vanguard of Islamic fascism well established, Iran is making it clear that the war not yet fully realized is being prepared for in Asia Minor. They have long viewed their struggle against the Americans as easier than that of the Soviets. We have to prove them wrong, but the outcome is certainly still in doubt.


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