Monday, August 15, 2005

Southside University....

Will over at Bacon's has a posting up on a Southside University. The idea off the cuff sounds good. Lets build a new university and bring back the southside economy as well as open up more desk for Virginia students to get a college education. YEAH! Oh but wait, we don't even fund our current schools to the levels necessary. Infact, we've almost double tuition at state schools over the last 5 years. And, higher ed institutions rarely bring sustainable job growth in good job fields outside of teaching. Unless of course we count all the new cafeteria workers, janitors, gas station operators, and new ABC Store Managers (All fine jobs, but not the rosey picture you think of when you hear "job growth"). Point is this. Pay the bills you have first before you make new ones. It's what my family has to do every month when we sit down to write the checks for our expenses. Why does the same concept not apply to the state government? People like Gov Warner and Sen Chichester will be more than willing to lift more money out of our pockets and happily call it "budget reform". SIDENOTE/TIRAD: They call it "Budget Reform" because it made the tax-system fairer to the little man. Ok, lets just ignore the $1.4 billion guerilla in the Senate Finance Chambers and ask this question; Don't you same liberals yell about how the Sales and Use Tax is the most unfair tax in the world because poor people spend a higher portion of their wages on consumption and therefore pay a higher prtion of taxes on their income?!?!?! So, if this is the argument against a National Consumption Tax why do we try and use it to justify "Budget Reform" here in Virginia?! I hate liberal hypocrites. *SIDENOTE COMPLETE* I could see a school in Southside if we utilize the model developed in Prince William County by the local government and George Mason University. The large amount of public-private partnerships being utilized is absolutely amazing. It brings high tech and bio-science job growth into the area, gives students "real world" research opprotunities, and bring a top-notch higher ed program to an area with a substantially cheaper cost. We will see where this concept goes. Right now I am putting it in my "Campaign Promise with No Plan on How to Pay" file.


At 8/15/2005 06:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's easy for all these clowns to be saying they'll spend tax money on this - none of these candidates are from Northern Virginia so they won't be paying for it. With this region now paying more than half the State's bills, any spending promise by these means we'll pay more!


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