Friday, September 30, 2005

GOP's farm team PWC BOCS

Based upon our "Alternate Universe" BOCS thread and the thread that will never die, we have something of a picture of what the future may hold for the PWC GOP. Here, compiled in one place for the first time, are the names (in alphabetical order) that you, the readers, have submitted: Chairman (At-Large): Caddigan Covington Nohe Brentsville Dist.: NONE Coles Dist.: Burrell Kopko Venegas Dumfries Dist.: Beyer Riley Gainesville Dist.: Danziger Neabsco Dist.: Ebel Lucas J. Smith R. Smith Occoquan Dist.: Gray May Zeiders Woodbridge Dist.: Keen Ramerez Is there someone else out there who deserves to be on this list as well? Anyone who made the list who you think should not be on it? Here's your chance to have your say! Coming next week, the "Alternate Universe PWC Senators and Delegates" thread !!!


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