Sunday, September 25, 2005

ID Update

A while back I posted on the id call that Fairfax County Republican Committee did . I have learned that Hugo and Cuccinelli split the county on the id calls. They were both asked to do the call by the committee. Hundreds of thousands of people were called and id-ed, I wonder where that information is. In the 67th district, Chuck Caputo has been doing a call from his grand-daughter, asking her to vote for her "favorite grandpa". Chuck also has a personal id call beginning to go out. This business about Reese endorsing Caputo seems to have no basis to it. Reese, who was disliked by his party, now seems to be showing his true colors, by canoodoling with the "enemy". No formal endorsement has been made, and none is expected. I highly doubt that Reese would ever be able to muster enough steam to run again for office as a Republican, even it is was school board. Now as a Democrat, possibilities seem available.


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