Thursday, September 15, 2005

John Roberts is Something Else

Let me say that for two and a half days, Judge John Roberts sat in the middle of a half-moon firing squad, again and again handling questions of constitutional law and his legal views with at least as much of the grace and intelligence that the Administration had bragged about before his confirmation hearing. This guy is the real deal to be sure. He sat in there for hour after hour, no notes, no aides tapping him on the shoulder or whispering in his ear, no bathroom breaks (Mr. President, I'm looking at you...). I think the President is a fine fellow, but I've got no doubt that two and a half minutes of him in the middle of a similiar quiz would have been painful. Condi Rice seems like a brilliant woman, but I doubt she would have lasted much longer than Dubya. I think that Dick Cheney probably could have taken it (though he might tell someone to "go f*ck themselves"). Still, John Roberts has an intellect that makes me glad to be living in the same nation as him.


At 9/15/2005 09:19:00 PM, Anonymous NoVA Scout said...

Your post deserves a non-spam comment: This really is a quality nomination. I have a theory that the better the quality of the Bush nominations, the more likely Democrats will vote against him/her. Let's see what happens.


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