Monday, September 12, 2005

Who will watch the watchers?

I was talking with a friend of mine earlier about my next post here and thinking back to this previous post regarding a misleading Potomac News headline and I realized what the blogosphere has become. If the media is the "Fourth Estate" after the three branches of government, then bloggers have come into their own as the "Fifth Estate" -- those who watch the watchers. Just think about what bloggers accomplished in the past year at the national level regarding Sen. John Kerry's military service and the forged documents used by CBS News in its story regarding President Bush's National Guard service. Essentially, the free market has entered the realms of media and politics. The elites criticize the blogosphere for being unfiltered and without editorial supervision. What they ignore is how quickly errors are corrected or pointed out in the blogosphere. What they are really afraid of is that there is now a whole new dynamic at work out there striving to keep them honest and that means they have to work harder to get things right.


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