Friday, October 21, 2005

Black Poisson in Loudoun

In the loudoun 32nd district bordering the town of Herndon, it appears that incumbent Delegate Dick Black might be running into a problem. While Dick Black has been up to his usual, sending letters to every constituent stating: " Poisson is a radical liberal and accused the Democrat of wanting to raise taxes, encourage abortions and press radical new homosexual ideas Dave Poisson is out knocking on doors, and trying to get elected. At a recent debate when asked about his F from a Virginia Education Group, and Education Chairman Jim Dillard was mentioned, Black said "Del. Dillard has been forced from office because he simply could not get along with the Republicans. May he rest in peace" Black has done a lot for the district, and seems to have been a good Delegate, but it can only be assumed that eventually with growth bringing more and more diverse peoples, Black may eventually lose touch with his constituents. Dave Poisson seems to have been correctly branded as a tax and spend liberal, although socially he does appear moderate. As in various other districts around the state, a website (not Poisson affiliated) has been made called Black Out. Delegate Black's website can be found here. He should be able to barely retain his seat now, but in the future I fear this seat could become more of a battle ground.


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