Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tim Kaine on Tim Kaine

Timmy Warner/Kaine fired back against the Kilgore campaign's withering attack on Kaine's death penalty position by defending their weak-ass position with a weak-ass ad. Tim Kaine is personally opposed to the death penalty but promises to carry out the death penalty? I'm shocked! I had no idea. The Kilgore ads are emotionally charged and tug at the heart. The Kaine ad is its polar opposite. Just Tim Kaine talking to the camera, and to us, the viewers. This is a turning point in the campaign. Kaine is going to want to change the topic- stop playing on a solidly Kilgore issue like the death penalty, and start fighting on something else- look for the Kilgore/abortion fiasco to return. The Kilgore people just need to keep it on him. The Kerry team showed weakness when it mattered on the swift boat vets last year. Kaine may not fall into the trap in exactly the same way, but make no mistake he's in there.


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