Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Are the LaRouchies taking over the Fairfax Democratic Party?

As Ben (aka Not Larry Sabato) has detailed and we've reported here on TC, there is a running controversy over a blog comment posted by Alice Marshall, Exec. Dir. of the Fairfax County Democratic Committee and now the head of their Nominating Committee. Ms. Marshall wrote that Sen. John Warner as the Chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee is a war criminal who she might be persuaded NOT to turn over to the International War Crimes Tribunal if he convinces President Bush, Vice President Cheney and the entire cabinet to resign.

This is Major Kook Alert stuff here.
Now comes some insight on what might be driving this. In this thread, Jonathan Mark of the anti-Jim Moran site GoodbyeJim.com makes the following comments:
This may sound outlandish, but it is worth asking. Followers of Lyndon LaRouche believe that America is in a pre-Revolutionary state and that America's leaders are war criminals. The LaRouchies try hard to insinuate themselves into the Democratic Party. They claim to be LaRouche Democrats. They are hard workers because they are insane. 20 years ago LaRouchies even succeeded in nominating two of their own for statewide office in Illinois on the Democratic ticket. Could we be, is it possible, dare we ask, are we dealing with a Lyndon LaRouche follower here?
He then goes on to state:
Just because Alice Marshall might be a follower of Lyndon LaRouche doesn't mean that she isn't a nice person. Certainly, the belief that Senator John Warner should go on trial for war crimes and that the US is in a pre-revolutionary phase is a tad unusual among Democratic Party officials. These sorts of beliefs are common on the fringe, including among followers of Lyndon LaRouche. That doesn't mean that because Alice Marshall believes what the LaRouchies believe that she is a LaRouchie. But she might be.
And closes with:
The question is why is she so extreme? Is her use of LaRouche's rhetoric of war crimes and America's pre-revolutionary phase indicative of Ms. Marshall's membership in the LaRouche cult? I don't know. Lots of radicals speak as she does. But it is certainly possible, based upon her rhetoric which is the subject of this thread, that Ms. Marshall could be a follower of Lyndon LaRouche. Why not ask her?
This sounds like a reasonable question to ask given how her statements track those in the LaRouche movement. (On a side note, the LaRouchies provided me with some of the funniest memories of the 1988 New Hampshire Primary. One of my fellow College Republicans was given their literature and an audio tape detailing LaRouche's platform in his presidential campaign that year. Top among them -- schools -- on the Moon and Mars!!! No lie.)


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At 11/24/2005 06:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous 1 said...

Not to mention that during the 2004 Democratic Primary Larouch thought that we should build a network of train lines around the world, one that connects Europe to the US and one that connects Asia and the US......hmmmmmm very interesting, he called himself a FDR Democrats in his DC radio ads.

At 11/27/2006 05:40:00 PM, Anonymous Zee said...

Oh yes...they believe the moon is hollow...that's where the aliens have been hiding. You think I'm kidding? Google David Icke and shape-shifting reptiles. The 9/11 nutters think the elites who brought down the towers were Jewish/British bankers and/or giant lizards. They got this from LaRouche's British Banker "Jews rule the world" claptrap.


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