Friday, November 18, 2005

Creigh Deeds

Dear Friend, I won my House of Delegates seat in Fairfax County in what was described as the "closest House race" in the history of Virginia. Today, I am writing for my friend, Creigh Deeds, who is in a similar situation in his race for Attorney General. In what is being called "the closest statewide election in Virginia history," merely 353 of the 1.9 million votes cast separate the two candidates for Attorney General. My first campaign for the House of Delegates in 1991 resulted in an official loss, but a recount win. Down 17 votes by the official tally of approximately 13,000, I requested a recount. The corrected result was a one-vote victory six weeks after the election. Mine was a loss by less than two-tenths of one percent. Creigh's apparent deficit is an even smaller percentage to overcome: approximately two-hundredths of one percent. While the official results will not be certified until November 28, it appears--no matter the outcome--that we are headed for a recount. Clearly, this race could go either way. Creigh needs help to make sure the votes are fairly and accurately counted. You have generously supported Creigh in the past. I am asking you to give again, as I have. I know from personal experience that a recount is expensive. The state pays only part of the costs. Creigh has tapped two respected Virginia experts to help him ensure the recount is thorough and accurate and to prepare for an orderly transition. John Daniel, a former deputy attorney general and first secretary of natural resources will lead the transition. Larry Frame, former Democratic Party chair and leader of former Governor Wilder's successful recount effort in 1989, will lead the canvass and recount team. Please make a contribution of $100, $50, or $35. Or, mail your check to: Virginia Victory 2005 at PO Box 533, Richmond, VA 23218. Sincerely yours, Jim Scott P.S. Creigh needs more than your financial help. He needs your time. All precinct results must be monitored. Please email Mark Bergmann at or call the campaign office at 804-355-2807 if you would like to assist with these efforts. PPS. Check Creigh's website for regular updates at -They must really think they have a chance.


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...because they do.


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