Monday, November 07, 2005

Final thoughts on the 52nd

Well, I have to hand it to the Frederick campaign. They've got plenty of campaign volunteers out and about everywhere. Every weekday for the past week or so, they've had at least one group and sometimes two groups of 5 or more people standing along Route 1 with campaign signs during the morning rush hour. This morning AND this evening, they had workers stationed at the Rippon VRE station handing out literature for their candidate. The only live bodies that I've seen working for the Barg campaign I viewed through the window of her HQ on Main Street in the Town of Dumfries. On Nov. 1, a portion of Cherry Hill Road in the district was to have been closed so a developer could complete the realignment of the road on its new course down to the Potomac River from Route 1. The closure will necessitate a very minor 3 or 4 block detour around the area that is being realigned. Well, Nov. 1 came and went without the closure happening. I came to learn that the closure was put off until after Election Day at Supervisor Barg's request. You see, a majority of Hilda's family (including Hilda herself) lives down on the Cherry Hill Peninsula and they would have had to follow the minor detour to get out and vote. Draw your own conclusions as to why such a minor detour concerned Hilda so much. Speaking of developers, here's irony for you. Hilda has a long record of supporting just about every development that has come down the pike while Jeff has attacked her on that and suggested more of a go slow approach to development in the district. If Hilda loses this race, she can thank all the new residents living in the developments that she voted to approve. By the same token, Jeff will have benefited from the residents living in the developments that he has decried in his mailers. Tomorrow night at this time we should know who is left standing....


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