Friday, November 18, 2005

The Hole Gets Deeper

Phil Rodokanakis' editorial was published today in the Washington Examiner. I do not see what he is getting out of continuing to slam Jerry Kilgore, and Ken Hutcheson. There is no where except the Democratic party for the disgruntled Republicans to run to. The editorial is the perfect example for the boy who cried wolf. Rodokanakis says, "Hutcheson will continue being employed by Republicans-in-Name-Only who are singularly responsible for the sorry shape of our state's runaway spending spree" Rodokanakis consistently hurts his own endorsed candidates, helping Chris Craddock, and Michael Golden, but then turning around and making statements which hurt the top of the ticket, and thus hurt both Craddock and Golden. Maybe tommorrow, we'll see Hutchesons letter published...


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