Monday, November 28, 2005

Hollywood says its the end of America as we know it and I feel fine....

The Drudge Report has this news flash entitled "NETWORKS PLAN 'END OF AMERICA' SHOWS."

The TV networks are getting edgier in their '06 pilot plans. The nets have filled their development slates with a bevy of brave ideas and bold format experiments, VARIETY reports on Monday, including shows about THE END OF AMERICA! ABC alone has at least two would-be shows set in post-apocalyptic America ('Resistance' and 'Red & Blue') while Gavin Polone and Bruce Wagner are teaming for the comfy-sounding plague drama 'Four Horsemen' at CBS (which also is developing 'Jericho,' about life in a small town after America is destroyed). Says Fox exec VP Craig Erwich: 'The creative community appears to be really inspired this year,' he says. 'It was an exciting time to be buying. I came away pretty encouraged about network TV.' Developing... "
I'm not exactly sure what the message is that the entertainment industry is trying to send here. It wasn't so long ago that all the rage was End of the World entertainment including TV shows like "Millennium" (a personal favorite of mine.) Perhaps budget contraints are going for a leaner, meaner mini-apocalypse. For them, I have two words "The Postman" starring Kevin Costner. Although, the title of one of those shows intrigues me, "Red & Blue." Does Hollywood think that maybe the U.S.A. will split apart along the Red State / Blue State divide?


At 11/28/2005 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous The Jaded JD said...

Great. Weekly Mad Max aux americains.


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