Sunday, November 13, 2005

I Just Can't Help It

I was perusing the candidates web-sites today, looking at what the winners put up. It was sad checking out Poisson, Marsden, and Caputo's sites. I still can not believe the extent of our slaughter in Fairfax. Our new Lt. Governor, Bill Bolling , had also updated his webpage. Until I went to his website, I was under the impression that he had squeaked by with a victory. I do not believe I have ever seen a more streched graph than this one: Image Hosted by If you're asking how much the graph ACTUALLY represents...yes I did figure it out. The gap is actually representative of a 4.2% victory. This graph seems to be more representative. Image Hosted by


At 11/14/2005 11:23:00 PM, Anonymous NOVA Scout said...

It's silly buggers stuff like that Bolling graph that makes me feel like they think we're all idiots. Remember those Miller Analogy Tests? Try this one:




Time's Up! Pencils down. The answer is "Don McEachin." In each case, the Dems ran the worst possible candidate. The analogy begins to fray a bit when one realizes that in 2001 Kilgore really piled up a strong count against McEachin (sorry if I'm misspelling his name)and from 2001 on, very few people were brave or foresighted enough to question whether a win against so weak a Democratic candidate really was an indicator of fitness for higher office. By stretching out that graph, Bolling's people are already trying to mae sure we forget what really happened. Bolling barely beat a Barbara Boxer fellow traveller in a very conservative state. A 1.2% margin in Virginia against so liberal a candidate is a nasty turn of events. I'm not saying he shouldn't take the win. I am saying he shouldn't crow about it and sure shouldn't let his people go around doctoring graphs.

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