Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mason's Comments

I recieved the standard thanks again, good-bye forever greeting from the Mason Campaign today, and felt some of the quotes quite humerous. "There are always light moments in a campaign. In knocking on over 10,000 doors, I certainly got some amusing comments:. "We already gave a the office" - from a gentleman opening the door with a smile. "We love our vacuum, we've found God, and we gave at the office" - on a doormat. "Oh honey, it's those Mormons again" - on other side of front door, a lady speaking to her husband. When I asked a very committed elderly lady about her husband's potential support, ""I lead him to the polls; I've been telling him what to do for 6o years". "Oh no, I thought you were going to be bringing me my football tickets" - day before a game. "What party do you try to represent". "Yes, I voted in the primary; you owe me a quarter". As a woman was washing her car, under a tree where birds tended to nest, "I'll vote for you because you cleaned bird-do off my car."And, a real show stopper:. "I'll vote for you when I get my rights back" - a woman who apparently was convicted of a felony" Regardless of his rumored donations to Tim Kaine, John Mason would have been a great delegate. He was a classy man, and I hope he thinks about running again for office.


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classy is good...

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