Tuesday, November 22, 2005

More Craziness

I heard this story on 630 WMAL, and couldn't believe it. In New York City, a woman teaching at a Catholic school recently told her bosses that she was pregnant out of wedlock. She was fired for not following the laws of the Church, and now she is SUING with the help of the NYCLU. I am amazed a woman, who signed a contract swearing to uphold the teachings of the Catholic Church, would then cry about being fired for disobeying the teachings. Parents of children pay thousands of dollars to send their kids to Catholic school for a purpose, and to have a teacher blatantly disregard the rules, and set this kind of example for her students is very disheartening. If this case actually goes anywhere, I will have lost what little respect I still have for the American Judicial system.


At 11/23/2005 08:29:00 AM, Anonymous The Ghost of Tom Joad said...

So she should have had an abortion so she could keep her job? Talk about a culture of life! So the choices are to either, a) have an abortion, b) have the baby but get fired and have no way to support that baby, c) get married even if she does not want to so she can save her job. The school in this instance compounds an already difficult situation by taking away her means of productivity. Nice!

Also she is four months pregnant. So that means the conception would have been around the end of July. If she signed the contract after the pregnancy occured, she did not break the contract she signed. For all we know, her actions after she signed the contract were in line with church teachings.

I want to know if there are any unwedded male teachers that were fired from this school because they impregnated a woman.


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