Tuesday, November 08, 2005

PWC General Assembly Delegation Remains Intact and Totally GOP

Here are the results for the House of Delegates races in PWC: 13th -- Bob Marshall (the first candidate I ever worked for in VA way back in '91) crushes my fellow Red Sox fan NOVA-9's absolute favorite candidate, Bruce Roemmelt 57-43. Sorry, NOVA-9, but one of us had to lose on this one and I'm glad it wasn't me. 31st -- Scott Lingamfelter was unopposed and garners 95%+ of the vote with a handful of write-ins getting the rest. 50th -- Harry Parrish cruises with 60%+ of the vote over Shuemaker. 51st -- Michele McQuigg turns back Earnie Porta 53-47 52nd -- Jeff Frederick deals Hilda Barg her first political defeat 51-49.


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