Friday, December 02, 2005


Lt. Governor Bill Bolling, Congressman Tom Davis, Governor Jim Gilmore and others just spoke to the entire group. It went well, maybe its just me, but I do feel some tensions. "Frankly, Tom Davis was on the other side" -Bill Bolling on the Primary I hope Jerry Kilgore stops by. Delegates Janis, Hugo, and Senators Cuccinelli and O'Brien are present.


At 12/03/2005 12:13:00 AM, Blogger MR JMS said...

Gilmore and Bollings suites are completely empty. Seems the Congressional suite is the most popular.

On a side note. A certain Albemarle GOP-er is walking around pitching himself for Deeds seat if he wins the recount. That gentleman(he knows who he is) should be ashamed of himself.

At 12/04/2005 05:38:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

TC neglects to mention that the next words out of Bill Bolling's mouth were "but nobody was more helpful to me in the general election than Tom Davis" or something to that effect.

Far from tension, it was a unity message.

Also, there were plenty of people in both the Bolling and Congressional suites. The Bolling suite was in a much larger set of rooms. Can't speak to Gilmore's, didn't make it by.

At 12/04/2005 09:46:00 PM, Blogger too conservative said...

it was still simply innappropriate at a republican gathering 6 months after the primary.

many people talked about how it was wrong to mention.

At 12/04/2005 11:18:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

About as inappropraite as continually trashing one of your party's leading statewide elected officials and staff for the simple fact that he beat your boy in the primary (6 months after the fact)?

And why was it innapropriate? Davis didn't support Bolling before the primary, but he did so with gusto afterwards.

I think it's a great credit to Tom Davis that he's a solid team player when it comes down to it, but it only makes since when you tell it in context; namely that Davis didn't give support before the primary, but gave it freely afterwards.


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