Sunday, December 18, 2005

Davis Deemed Most Progressive VA Republican

Raising Kaine has a great post up about the Republican Congressional delegations progressive scores. While they find the scores too low, Congressman Tom Davis leads the pack with a score of 14.1 The next closest two are Senator John Warner with 11.83, and Congressman Frank Wolf with 11.13 I was a little suprised Davis was ahead of Wolf, as Davis votes with President Bush more than Congressman Frank Wolf, but the reasons were Davis' high ratings with 18.25% on “Environment,” followed by a 15.38% on “Education, Humanities, & the Arts.” Scores of other "moderate" national Republicans: Rhode Island Senator Lincoln Chafee scored 42.58% Connecticut Congressman Rob Simmonds scored 19.73% Maine Senators :Snowe 32.24 Collins 30.74 John McCain scored suprisingly low at 13.65%


At 12/18/2005 09:57:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't get me wrong... I really like Tom Davis alot.
But the tag "progressive" has evolved into Democrat doublespeak for "liberal."
Therefore, it alarms me somewhat that they rank Tom Davis high on this list.

At 12/18/2005 10:08:00 PM, Blogger too conservative said...


If you read all of the post..he is not high on the list.

Nationally, Davis is low..especially for those representing moderate states/districts.

At 12/19/2005 12:59:00 PM, Blogger Hirons said...

McCain isn't surprising. He only disagrees with his party when he can get his name and mug in the news. Even more so if he can twist a knife in the back of other good Republicans.

Not a surprise that he wants to be perceived as a "Progressive" and not really be all the "Progressive". Just building his opportunity to twist the knife into the back of all the voters who buy into his BS.


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