Sunday, December 11, 2005

It Doesn't End

In a last minute ploy the attorneys for Tookie Williams have asked the California Supreme Court to stay his execution saying:

The Crips gang co-founder should have been allowed to argue that someone else killed one of his four alleged victims
Nice Try-Don't think it will work. The stepmother of a victim also spoke out on ABC a few days ago.
I think he [Williams] is the same cold-blooded killer that he was then and he would be now if he had the opportunity again. Albert Owens was 26 and working as a 7-Eleven clerk when he was shot twice in the back on Feb. 27, 1979. Williams was convicted of the murder as well as the murders of three others in a separate robbery in 1979, and sentenced to death. He has been on death row since 1981. In prison, Williams has written nine books warning children and teenagers about the danger of gang life, and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize fives times and for the Nobel Prize for literature once. Several celebrities, including actor Jamie Foxx and rapper Snoop Dog, have rallied behind Williams, but Owens believes Williams still deserves to die. "I think the celebrities are just abusing their popularity, their access to the media," Owens said. "To them it's a script; to me, it's life." Owens said she was also frustrated by the anti-death penalty activists who are lobbying for Williams' life. "If there is a controversy against the death penalty, then they need to go to the legislature and work to get it changed, but don't stand behind a killer like Williams because then they don't care what he did," she said. "It could have been your child instead of our child."
Great Point. Governor Schwarzenegger should make his decision sometime within the next couple days.


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