Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Race to Replace Chris Cox

Today in California's 48th Congressional District, voters are turning out to replace Republican Chris Cox. This election may get dicey, as minutemen founder Jim Gilchrist has been slicing into Republican John Campbells base. Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado has broken with his party to support Gilchrist. He has even filmed commericals, and done phone messages on his behalf. Jim Gilchrist is running as a member of the American Independent party. The party was established in 1968 by Alabama Governor George Wallace during his quest for President. As is expected in California, the lefties have put up both a Democrat(Steve Young) and Green Party candidate (BÉA Tititilli). I agree that illegal immigration is a huge issue, that George W. Bush is weak on, but I am not sure if running an ENTIRE campaign on a single issue is enough to win a vote. Then again, AI founder Wallace did it... This election should be down to the wire. At around 9 eastern, the results should start pouring in here.


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