Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Country's Coming Back

I just heard this story on Rush- A new national poll shows that High School seniors take a pro-life position and favor legislation limiting abortions. Here are some of the results: When asked, some 67 percent of high school seniors said abortion is either always (23%) or usually (44%) morally wrong. Just 31 percent said it was a morally correct decision. Slightly less than half of the teens polled said abortions should be allowed when a woman is under 18 and unmarried or when the baby will have a serious birth defect. Just 40 percent said abortions should be allowed for poor women and only 29 percent said abortions should be allowed when a woman doesn't want more children. Some 72 percent of teen girls say they would not consider an abortion and, of all high school seniors, just 13 percent would counsel a pregnant friend to consider an abortion. Some 54 percent of seniors say they would suggest adoption and 26 percent say they would encourage a pregnant friend to keep her baby. These are great results...which I believe have partly sprung up from abstinence only education and more conservative sex-ed techniques across the country. Theres some argument a couple posts ago on the effectiveness of abstinence only education.


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