Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Eugene Delgaudio Speaks

I didn't discover it until a few minutes ago..but it appears that Eugene Delgaudio has visited TC. He posted this a few posts below. Eugene Delgaudio said... Gentlemen and ladies: I have filed to run against Jim Rich. I am a candidate for 10th District Republican Chairman. I am a member in good standing of the LCRC (Loudoun County Commmittee) and have been a loyal team player for Republican party candidates since 1964. Namecalling is easy when you do not work very hard. I challenge my detractors to give to the GOP as much as I have and work for as many candidates as I have. For six years I led the Mason District Republican Party back when there was a waiting list to get on the committee and there was 100 per cent attendence of all 75 members. This past general election the polling places looked like a Democrat primary with little or no Republican participation. There's more going on here than an ideological split. My tactics and policies have been mimicked by Presidents and Presidential candidates and political stalwarts of all stripes. Even Comedy Central gives me credit sometimes. How about it? Does anyone else know if this is true?


At 1/24/2006 04:43:00 PM, Blogger Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I heard of Eugene 15 years ago back when I was in College Republicans in Massachusetts. Word was he did street theater lampooning Ted Kennedy. I just have that to go on, but he was at least known to that extent, so I wouldn't be surprised if this were indeed the case.

At 1/24/2006 05:05:00 PM, Blogger Involved said...

Eugene's great! It sounds like him, but I don't have any idea if he actually posted that.

At 1/24/2006 05:08:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting list to join the GOP committee ... uhhh ... has that ever happened?

At 1/24/2006 05:15:00 PM, Blogger James Young said...

You are referring, Jim, to the Teddy Kennedy Scuba Diving Team. They appeared at the Capitol, but were not permitted to enter the fountain.

At 1/24/2006 05:57:00 PM, Anonymous Suedehead said...

This 10th District Convention will be interesting. The ONLY race is for Chairman; nothing else. With the exception of rabid partisans who don't mind wasting a Saturday in May, who is going to show up?

Above language notwithstanding, I and Mrs. Suedehead will be there voting for Jim Rich, who is a good man and is not insane.

At 1/24/2006 06:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


This is the man who bashed President Bush and Vice President every chance he got.





This man is about the worst representative the 10th District GOP could POSSIBLY find.

At 1/24/2006 06:59:00 PM, Blogger Involved said...

Anon, Eugene's excellent!

Thanks for the posts. I support him more now than I did before!

At 1/24/2006 07:09:00 PM, Blogger J.Sarge said...


Thanks for putting this post up. For what it's worth (coming from a Democrat) I think this 10th District Chairmanship race is an important event in the development of the GOP, whichever way it turns out.

Choose wisely.

At 1/24/2006 08:40:00 PM, Blogger mitch's wife said...

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At 1/24/2006 08:58:00 PM, Blogger mitch's wife said...

I've been thinking about this all day.

I like Jim Rich a lot and I can't stand Eugene Delgaudio... for a lot of reasons. But I am glad that Eugene is running.

With Heidi, one cannot help but wonder what her ulterior motives are for running. She'll tell you that she cares about Republican values and building the party and that's why she's running. But my rule is that anyone who justifies their election by saying that they want to build a strong party and promote conservative values is hiding something. In this case, she's not admitting that her husband is running for congress and she wants to control the process. If she would admit that, it wouldn't be so bad.

With Eugene, you know exactly what you get: A homophobe, a carpet bagger, a s#!t stirrer and someone who would be happy with fewer Republicans in office, if they are not HIS kind fo Republican. A lot of people in our party WANT a chairman like that. Heidi is probably some of those things too, but if she is, she doesn't wear it on her sleeve, so we can;t really be sure.

The devil you know is WAY better than the one you don't.

Go Eugene!

At 1/24/2006 10:52:00 PM, Blogger blight pesticide said...


I would bet money, you are Eugene. Very clever.

At 1/25/2006 11:43:00 AM, Blogger Involved said...


I would be happy to take your money! Eugene's great, but we're not the same person.

You on the other hand, seem to be a lot of things, however none of them seem to be republican. Would you like to shed some light on your own background?


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