Friday, January 20, 2006

I Don't Get It

A headline on Drudgereport caught my eye and I had to click and read the entire article. The editorial on the BET (Black Entertainment Television) website says Global Warming is "bad news, especially for African Americans." Uh? I just don't get it. Nor does the article explain why Global Warming is so much more a threat to African American's than it is to white (or other races) people. Presumably the author is attempting to say poor coastal towns/cities are populated by African Americans and they don't have the means to take precaution from severe weather, nor deal with the aftermath and ongoing symptoms of weather related issues. Whatever! - you can argue anyway you want on that topic, but why is it an African American culture issue as opposed to a coastal state preparedness issue and concern? It's like saying tornados are a threat to white people because they typically hit trailer parks in the Midwest - which are largely populated by white people. Should white people ban together to fight tornados targeting trailer parks? Over the last 37 years since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. I thought we have made incredible progress in civil rights and race relations in this country. However, after hearing the speeches of Hillary Clinton and Ray Nagin, and reading this editorial I'm not so sure. I am convinced that the liberal left will never allow the United States become the melting pot it is designed to be. Where will they pander for votes if "We can all just get along"? Funniest (or most disturbing) paragraphs from the article:

Environmentalists blame the fierce new storms on global warming – the increase in the average temperature of the Earth's atmosphere and oceans. Scientists attribute the phenomenon to gases produced by fossil fuels like gasoline, petroleum and coal. Though critics dismiss global warming as junk science, reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have continually found a discernable human influence on world temperatures.

That’s bad news, especially for African Americans. Citing Katrina as a case-in-point, some environmentalists say global warming impacts minorities and the is advantaged harder than other groups. If global warming gets worse, many African-American communities will be more vulnerable to breathing ailments, insect-carried diseases and heat-related illness and death. But asking Black folks to give up gas-guzzling SUV’s and other bling is a tough sell.

“It has been ingrained in our heads that to be anything, you must have everything,” says EJCC steering committee member Nia Robinson. “Because some of us have a big car and a nice house, people aren’t seeing that racism still exists. But Katrina showed that racism is alive and well in America. Now that people have that idea, I think we’re in a really critical stage to organize, educate and mobilize people.”

The presumption is that global warming is damaging to African Americans because they make up the population of poor coastal towns and cities, if so then why do they have gas-guzzling SUV's and other bling?


At 1/20/2006 04:10:00 PM, Blogger too conservative said...

This is rediculous

At 1/20/2006 05:18:00 PM, Blogger Willis said...

Where would you guys pander for votes, if not for fundamentalist christians??

Same deal.

At 1/20/2006 10:37:00 PM, Blogger Elle said...

"The presumption is that global warming is damaging to African Americans because they make up the population of poor coastal towns and cities, if so then why do they have gas-guzzling SUV's and other bling?"

What is this asking? Why, if we are overwhelmingly poor, do we have SUVs and bling? or Why, if global warming is allegedly more dangerous to us, do we have SUVs and bling? I'd really like to engage this whole troublesome commentary, but I'm not sure how.

Oh, and comments like these are exactly why Democrats don't have to pander for my vote...

At 1/20/2006 10:39:00 PM, Blogger Elle said...

oh, and hallelujah to your comment, willis!


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