Friday, January 06, 2006

JoAnn Davis Gives Money To Charity

Virginia Congresswoman Jo Ann Davis says she will give to charity $10,000 she received in donations from a political action committee started by former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay. Article here. I understand some of these Republicans in swing districts giving away DeLay money..but why her?


At 1/06/2006 01:04:00 PM, Blogger J.Sarge said...

Maybe she just thinks that it is the right thing to do.

One would hope that that consideration is driving the thought process of everyone who returns tainted money. I'm not so naive as to believe that that is true, but it certainly may be in a few instances. Maybe this is one of them.

When I spoke with her last year, when there were rumors abuzz that DeLay might get indicted and the GOP was considering changing the rules so that those in leadership could retain their positions while under indictment, she told me back then that it didn't pass the smell test.

Clearly there is much about which I disagree with Rep. Davis (read: "saving" Christmas), but I think she has a pretty good sense of right and wrong.

I certainly wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

At 1/06/2006 01:08:00 PM, Blogger Willis said...

just covering her ass

At 1/06/2006 04:28:00 PM, Anonymous NoVA Scout said...

If it seemed right to take it, one shouldn't want to or have to return it. if it doesn't seem right to take it, just don't take it. Otherwise, folks might get the idea that one's sense of right and wrong is very situational and has much more to do with the current ebb and flow of press coverage rather than a steady reading from the internal moral compass.

At 1/06/2006 05:19:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Because her poll numbers are lousy.


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