Wednesday, February 08, 2006

AG McDonnell Chats Up The Blogosphere

Chad over at Commonwealth Conservative hosted AG Bob McDonnell for a live Q&A blogging event. Once again, McDonnell impresses. Yours truly got a question answered during the exchange:

[Riley] Do you have any plans to use the AG’s office to help Commonwealth’s Attorneys and local law enforcement better understand Virginia’s RICO statute that you authored in ‘04 that brings street gangs under RICO? It seems that this is a valuable tool for prosecutors and law enforcement that just isn’t being used in Northern Virginia where the gang problem, in particular MS-13, is growing rapidly. In many instances, law enforcement may know that someone is a member of a street gang, but they don’t know that they can arrest and charge them under RICO just for being a member. We need a modern-day Eliot Ness-type crackdown up here. Leadership from our new AG would go long ways towards seeing that happen. (Bob) The RICO statute provides a broad new tool for prosecutors to combat gangs. We will provide a seminar at an upcoming Commonwealth Attorney’s training conference to discuss effective use of this new statute.
I'm glad to see the AG doing what he can to help our local prosecutors use this relatively new tool at their disposal.


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