Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A Different Perspective

During my commute this morning, I was speaking with a politically astute friend of mine (he's a professional political pollster) about the loss in the 33rd yesterday. His response was, "Isn't that where their guy hammered ours on growth issues?" We still need to get our act together as a party in NoVA, but there could be something to his assessment here, too.


At 2/01/2006 11:16:00 PM, Blogger too conservative said...

I do agree that was a big part of it.

Staton himself was not the problem.

At 2/01/2006 11:47:00 PM, Blogger criticallythinking said...

Staton was not the problem.
Staton was not the problem.
Staton was not the problem.

TC, if you agree that it was a big part of it, then Staton WAS the problem. Staton had a record of being pro-growth on the board. If people voted based on their fear of uncontrolled growth (and in Loudoun, like in PW, I think people have that fear) then it could well be that people associated Staton with the problem, and Herring with the solution.

In a low-turnout special election where you can't find your republican voters, that would be plenty enough to win the election.

At 2/01/2006 11:57:00 PM, Blogger too conservative said...


Who Are You People?

You eat your young alive!

First you people ate up Kilgore after the election, and now Staton?

Staton is a conservative, you should like him.

Don't blame this on him CT-This election was not his fault, any Republican would have lost.

At 2/02/2006 07:51:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even your hero, Chairman Sean?!?! *gasp*

At 2/02/2006 09:32:00 AM, Blogger said...

"Any republican would have lost"!!

Then the Reps are in trouble!

TC, your crying tears on the wrong wounds.

It would have been very interesting to see what Minchew could have done against Herring.

My guess is a lot more "republicans" would have been active, in support and votes.

Do not under estimate the power of the Republican vote. My guess -- many Republicans voted against Staton and his politics. Or chose not to participate. There also was a number of write ins for Randy. Effectively, a none vote for Staton and his supporters.

At 2/02/2006 10:07:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be nice if we could discuss the problems we are currently facing, then come up with a realistic game plan and actually executed it, or at least, did our best to execute it to send a message to the voters to encourage them to join the Republican Party/not leave the Republican Party vs. all the amount of time that is wasted with name calling and finger pointing? Where are our grassroots workers who are good at this type of work? When was the last time coffees were held with neighbors or volunteers were sent door to door to identify voters and survey them on the issues? We need to get back to basics and away from all the automated calls and direct mail.

At 2/02/2006 10:30:00 AM, Blogger Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

B.O.2K5, Minchew would have been slammed on growth just as much given that he is a land-use attorney.

At 2/02/2006 12:02:00 PM, Anonymous Potomac Falls Resident said...

Any Republican would have lost??? Wrong! Any far-right extremist Republican would have lost. If Minchew had won the primary, this Republican would have voted for him. A LOT of Republicans helped to elect Herring. Wake up, GOP, the far-right, non-inclusive, one topic would-be's and has-beens are dead meat. Run some moderate Republicans and they will win elections.

At 2/02/2006 12:10:00 PM, Blogger said...


You're right about growth. Unfortunately, what I don't think folks are getting is most voters couldn't get past the BB connection.

Minchew didn't have black baggage.

At the least it wouldn't have been a Republican slaughter.

At 2/02/2006 12:33:00 PM, Blogger Riley, Not O'Reilly said...

I'll give you that.

At 2/03/2006 11:08:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a combination of everything being mentioned -- but most importatnly the fact that to the people who follow the political scene in Loudoun (the ones who vote in low turnout elections) Staton just wasn't credible on the growth issues to both dems and reps.


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