Thursday, February 09, 2006

Gilmore Weighs in on Taxes

Americans for Freedom and Opportunity A Special Message from Governor Jim Gilmore to Virginia Taxpayers “The right way to solve Virginia’s transportation problems is to adopt a plan of specific road projects and exhaust all possible options for funding that plan without increasing taxes on hard working Virginia families. You and I must act now to deliver this message to members of the General Assembly. Please call you legislator, write Governor Kaine and General Assembly members a letter, and come to Richmond on February 22nd to join me and other taxpayers at a Capitol Rally on February 22nd. You may get all the information you need relating to the tax hikes and what you can do to stop them at Do not believe this battle is won because our friends in the House of Delegates have already had votes against the tax hike package. Just like two years ago, the Governor and the Senate will use every legislative trick they can to pass these taxes during the 2006 Session. Please act today!” Taxes for a typical Virginia Family (median income, homeowner, owns 2.1 cars) Governor Gilmore continues to stay outfront on issues..


At 2/09/2006 09:54:00 PM, Anonymous Gilmore Girl said...

I hope this means that Gilmore is running for John Warner's seat in 2008- if Warner retires. Our state is in desperate need of sound, fiscal leadership & Governor Gilmore has demonstrated that he is just what we need!

At 2/10/2006 08:33:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh Gilmore Girl--you can't be serious! Gilmore's fiscal record is crap! Wow, he cut taxes, but spending went up under him faster than any other prior administration (and almost all that spending was pre-911, so you can't use the homeland security/war on terror defense that Bushies like to use). Worst of all, none of that new spending was on transportation. And now Gilmore has a great transportation plan???? Too little too late Governor!

At 2/11/2006 05:54:00 PM, Anonymous Gilmore Girl said...

Whether its Allen, Gilmore, Warner or Kaine - Governor's set the direction & priorities - the Delegates & Senators have a responsibility to hold the line. Spending may have grown under Gilmore but its not like he was sitting up in the 3rd floor office with the checkbook and a to-pay list.

He cut taxes. And thanks to Warner & kaine - most of us will be paying a lot more in taxes this year. 14.29% more - because they don't like the current funding formula. Its highway robbery! All those moderate "republicans" that didn't hold to any fiscally conservative principles are to blame.

Shame more of them haven't been Its pretty convenient to criticize Governor Gilmore, now that everyone is so wrried about Allen. But here's my two cents. Gilmore led the sweep of all the statewide consitutional offices - his leadership captured the State legislature for the first time since Reconstruction. He led the RPV (with Randy Forbes) from the red ink into the black ink. Black ink that was instrumental in strengthening the GOP majority of our Commonwealth's congressional delegation - and the the election of George Allen to the US Senate. And he was one of the very first Governors in the country to endorse then-Governor Bush.

Gilmore led with strength. And leaders aren't perfect but he was a damn fine leader. He had a personality. Kilgore proved he was not even good enough to be Allen's protege. Kilgore disappointed me. $22 million and we have nothing but disunity in the GOP and Tim Kaine at the Executive Mansion.

And worst of all, Mark Warner is now off to New Hampshire to trash all VA Republicans. And since no one can get it together - we all look like fools.

Governor Gilmore would be a welcome sight on the political landscape. He might tick some off - but at least he can WIN>


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