Friday, February 03, 2006


From the Associated Press: "I hear a lot of concern about increased spending and the need to reduce it, talk about getting back to the basics," said Kate Obenshain Griffin, chairwoman of the Virginia Republican Party. Griffin, Rath and several other Republican activists attending a two-day RNC meeting said GOP voters in their states still strongly support President Bush. They also insisted in interviews that Republicans were more likely than not to retain control of the House and the Senate in November. I agree that many GOPers still strongly support Bush in Virginia, and also agree on the problems with increased spending. The problem though in Virginia, is alot of people seem to want to "cut" things ...but never specifically state what they wish to cut. If all legislators in Richmond can take a note out of Delegate Chris Saxman's book, maybe we can actually begin to cut back on governmentexcessivee spending, instead of just talkingaboutu the issue.


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