Thursday, February 02, 2006

What my source in RPV is telling me.....

A friend of mine on the RPV Exec. Cmte. told me the following regarding the meeting for this weekend:

I think it's just a good mid-winter break to review big picture priorities. No alarm bells should be ringing.


At 2/02/2006 05:02:00 PM, Anonymous gopkdh said...

Thats just the line Jim

At 2/02/2006 06:06:00 PM, Blogger GOPHokie said...

I think it may be something bigger than a Senate strategy, but Kate is not going to resign from all indications.

At 2/02/2006 10:05:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You don't call a meeting this quick unless something is up.

At 2/02/2006 10:27:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hmmm TC blows things out of proportion yet again. good work.

At 2/03/2006 07:14:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe RPV has another legal problem.

At 2/03/2006 09:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The wheels were off well before Kate got there and she has and will continue to do everything she can to get the Party back in order.

This whole ordeal seems a bit like a poorly organized witch hunt set up and executed by power hungry adolescents wishing to remove Kate not only from the Chair of RPV but from her run at LG. I certainly hope this isn't the case because the pool of conspirators can be narrowed very quickly.

The facts are:

1-Too Conservative wrote the article--maybe it wasn't the Blogger Mr. JMS but I can guarantee, rather speculate, that he had a lot do with the thoughts.

2-An 18 year old wrote the post. I can remember when I was 18 and I didn't do anything controversial unless I was instructed by a "person of authority" that what I was doing was for the benefit of the Party. Like this young man I was wrong and I soon realized that people will use you for their own benefit. This poor kid is probably sitting in Chemistry II right know trying to figure out what went wrong. Cheer up kid—what you did was wrong but I know Kate and all you need to do is pick up the phone and apologize.

3-Too Conservative is run by the AFP also known as Americans for Prosperity. AFP has two folks that could greatly benefit from the removal of Kate Griffin. Not to mention the staff of AFP.

The great thing that I have noticed about Blogs is that those who wish to destroy or mangle the reputations of others usually end up turning the ole proverbial gun on themselves. Maybe the next time the owners, creators and operators of Too Conservative decide to alter the lives of others they should be a bit more selective in who they choose to associate with. Lie with Dogs and you’re bound to get fleas.

AFP and Too Conservative will be done in three months. Guaranteed.

At 2/03/2006 09:49:00 AM, Blogger Waltzing Matilda said...

Anon 9:11- Wow! Talk about your conspiracies! Criticism of Kate hasn't just been coming from TC. RPV is falling apart. Sure she inherited a Party with problems, but has anything gotten better under her watch or has it stagnated or, worse yet, have RPV problems multiplied. I would say it is the last. Fundraising is abysmal, the party is fractured, we are losing seats in the General Assembly, the two state wide races we did win were squeakers at best when they should have been landslides and we lost the Governor’s mansion…again. Explain to me why we should be keeping Kate?

I’m sure she is a nice woman, but as a Party Chair she has left quite a bit to be desired.

At 2/03/2006 10:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding Anon 9:11

Thanks Kate, but my advice would be that you should get a supporter to post this stuff about you using their own name, rather than doing it yourself anonymously.

At 2/03/2006 09:11:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

People of good will asked for the meeting tomorrow to discuss issues as we move forward. Kate honored the request. Clearly, others have alterior motives saying something "is" when it "is" not. These folks have revealed themselves. The time for being small and petty is past. The time for leaders to meet is tomorrow. Those who are small and petty will be exposed as just that. When hunting vampires, if you don't know who they are, set the trap and let them come to you first. They are exposed for all to see.

At 2/04/2006 05:37:00 PM, Blogger AWCheney said...

"When hunting vampires, if you don't know who they are, set the trap and let them come to you first. They are exposed for all to see."

I'm sure that I must have read more paranoid, threatening passages in the blogs...but they don't come to mind right at the moment. Anon. 9:11, if you speak for Kate Obenshain God help us. This sounds like the beginning of an intra-party witch hunt. I take it you are to be one of the inquisitors.

I have kept silent until now because I have always felt a very sentimental attachment to the entire Obenshain family and I could never imagine anyone with Dick and Helen Obenshain as parents could ever do anything to harm the Republican Party out of arrogance and vindictiveness, but if Kate sanctions something like this then I really must be the fool and those calling for her resignation are right. It saddens me more than I can say.


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